FEMA to send its first ‘Presidential Alert’ in emergency messaging system test



Should we all respond to the text with Gifs Memes and admonishments?


How intrusive. Bush passed this terrible law. He did a lot to make the monster government we have now. The idea that the government can force a message on you should offend everyone.

I suggest everyone immediately call FEMA if they get this. You need to know if it really is a test. With what happened in Hawaii we have to be sure these days.


Yeah, next we’ll all be getting messages saying:

“Please Report to your nearest FEMA Internment Camp. Have A Great Day!”


is this like a bushfire alert? We get warning messages to our phones when there is a bushfire threatening and close. But our PM does not send it, the Victorian warning system sends it. It serves, hopefully to tell people to evacuate asap as there is a bushfire bearing down on them.

The system has its flaws , It has a degree of randomness as to who gets the message.

Didn’t Hawaii have an alert system with the recent missile incident?


We get alerts for severe weather and to look out for cars for suspected kidnappings (Amber Alert). If these alerts come through often times irrespective of the settings on the 0hone they will make noise. There is usually now way to customize how the alert comes in. But they can be disabled as one might want to do in environments where the phone going off could be a problem (ex: a phone going off in court might result in a contempt of court charge and fine).

Presidential alerts have been in there for a while too. Presidential alerts generally cannot be disabled. But I dont think they have ever been used up until now


He’s only going to use the system when he is sending a tweet.


Attention my fellow Americans: Covfefe



Sounds good to me! Its not a joke but some will spurn it and then what… Maybe 10% will listen up.


It should have been named “National Alert” instead of Presidential, and it does makes sense if used judiciously (no intern access, real emergencies, etc).


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