Female athletes fight back

I hope the girls win.


It is totally unfair. DNA girls compete against DNA girls. That’s all.


Good it is ridiculous to have males (no matter what they claim to be) compete as females.


Girls should also not participate in boys sports, like wrestling

You can’t have it both ways.


Well, that really is not the same issue as this.


If it’s against other girls then there should be no problem.


Coed sports, individual or team, are not even remotely the issue here.


We divide sports according to levels of ability.

Little Leaguers don’t compete against Major League
baseball players. Pee-wee football players don’t go up
against NFL players.

No matter how much estrogen is taken, a trained
biological male athlete is stronger and faster than
a biological female.

When female athletes compete, they deserve a level
playing field.

If a woman competes in an all-male sport, she’s
at a disadvantage. Even the best female golfers
have had no success when they compete against

Women and girls deserve their own sports.



Are there not at least legal rights in question here?

What is legal right is involved? I hate to say this, lest I sound too feminist. But it seems that trans women are still asserting male dominance, in the sense that they have the right to take over women’s sports. It’s simply not fair. To keep the playing field even, teams for trans women should be created.


The legal right, as I interpret it, is that trans women are to be recognized by society as women, not men. You or I may disagree on biological and/or moral grounds, but there is a legal conflict regardless.

Biological women are half the population. We have fought long and hard for all the rights we have attained. And we’re still fighting. A little over 100 years ago, we couldn’t even vote.

According to the story, trans female athletes are dominating track events. Don’t women and girls have the right to shine, without unfair competition from trans women?

Trans women should have their own sports. From my perspective, this takeover is more about male privilege than trans rights.


Agreed, but that’s not what’s happening

Strength isn’t the point

Boys and girls are different emotionally and socially as well.

The dynamics change when a girl is placed among boys or a boy is among girls.

A boy losing to a girl, suffers the stigma among his peers where a girl losing to a boy has no negative emotional effect.

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Seriously? Did you not read the linked article? Girls are losing scholarship opportunities to biological males and they aren’t emotionally affected by having their opportunities unfairly stolen?


That does not follow. “Having it both ways” would mean not objecting to girls competing with boys.

Your issue is separate. You seem to be saying some sports ought only admit boys - period. That is, girl vs girl in wrestling is unacceptable. That view must rest on an entirely different rationale.


They’re losing to a male in a female competition

That’s not the same as a girl losing to a male wrestler on a male wrestling team.

That is the general case, and the basis for fairness in segregated (by sex) sport. But your statement is not absolutely true.

Which makes it far worse. There’s no comparison to any other scenarios. This is cheating, and founded on the diabolical lie of “transgender.”


Those so-called “transgender” athletes may call themselves girls but they are boys!!! Calling them “girls” would be a lie. I hope the real girls win. You go girls!!! :slight_smile:


That’s because the girl who wins is biologically a male and the girl who loses knows it and is aggrieved that unfair competition was permitted. Not the point Jim was making.

But losing in that situation, girls don’t get suffer from their female peers like a male losing to a girl in a boys sport. Not the same situation at all…

I think by now inserting the socioemotional effects on gender of losing or winning, you are bringing up yet another issue, which, although interesting and perhaps connected, is not the point of the protestation by these female athletes.

I see the issue as complex rather than simple, and typical of such issues in which the rights of one (disenfranchised) group are pitted against the rights of another.

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I see no “rights” of biological males to compete in women’s sports, no matter how delusional the males might be.

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