Female deacons and CA's response

Not too long ago someone asked the CA expert on here about an ancient Council that spoke about female deacons. Does anyone have that link?

Here are two from the “Ask an Apologist” forum. You can enter “Women Deacons” in the Search function of the Apologetics forum and get several hits on discussions as well.



John Paul II’s decree on female priests seemed like it was infallible by the wording, but then Ratzinger over the the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith came out with a document saying it was an act of Ordinary *Universal *Magisterium, which would mean that the bishops all had to have a say in it. That definitely cuts the authority of John Paul’s decree, since liberals claim that there are bishops who support female priests. Why can’t Rome just make a definition and say “this is infallible”?

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