Female issues (men warned)


I suffer from extreme mood swings due to PMS whenever I am close to getting my period that are so severe that I cannot handle it anymore and am thinking to take drastic measures.

From my early teens I have suffered from depression and 2 or 3 days before getting my period it just makes my depression take a turn for the worse and I have already had to be hospitalized two times for suicide attempts.

Because of this I have been considering getting a hysterectomy since I do not feel called to married life. In case any of you are wondering, yes I have been undergoing therapy and yes I am taking anti-depression medication BUT I might as well be taking sugar-water pills for all the good they do not do me during the few days before I get my period.

I just am tired of putting myself and my family through hell and I have talked to my gynecologist who has only two options available for me. I either start taking birth-control pills to control my hormones (which is a big no no for me since I have a family history of both breast and ovarian cancer) or I get a hysterectomy.

I know it is against Church teaching to have a hysterectomy but I can’t take the chance of going through another suicide attempt because of the extreme form of PMS I suffer from. That is why I am here to see if any of you can suggest any other alternatives.

Any input would be grately appreciate.



I’m not sure why you believe a hysterectomy is against Church teaching. It is not. Can you clarify?


There is a doctor in Michigan, Dr. William Keye who has written papers on and specializes in PMS. You may wish to contact him. I worked with him for many years, and he did some of my infertility work ups many years ago.

Even if he is not near you, you may be able to do a phone consulatation with him.



1ke Well, just as it would be wrong for a man to have a vasectomy because it is closing the door to life it would be wrong for a woman to have a hysterectomy without searching for all possible alternatives.

I know the Church is not against hysterectomies for medical reasons but I need to see if there are other alternatives to my problem with PMS and that is why I am seeking the advice of others on this forum. Until I have adequately researched all possible alternatives I won’t do something on impulse that I will later regret spiritually.

lizaanne Thank you so much for the information and I will indeed contact him. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again and God bless!



A vasectomy has no medical purpose other than direct sterilization, therefore I don’t think it is analogous to a hysterectomy-- which does.

The Church does not require a woman to search out all possible alternatives to hysterectomy when it is medically indicated.

I agree that any person considering a hysterectomy should research their options because of its serious nature from a **medical **standpoint, but there is no **moral **issue or requirement that a woman refuse such treatment. A hysterectomy is not “wrong” as you indicate above.

I agree you should research alternatives, it is a permanent solution to the issue and there may be others that are less invasive and do not harm your fertility. I thought you were asking from a moral standpoint. (Also, giving medical advice is against forum rules).


A couple of issues:

  1. Are your symptoms really PMS? Could this be depression?

  2. A hysterectomy does not “cure” PMS. The ovaries are the organs that are necessary for the hormone cycling. A woman can have ovaries removed without removing a uterus. The removal of the uterus is the bigger procedure.

  3. Removing ovaries puts a woman into menopause. Early menopause has its own medical issues.

  4. Have you seen a doctor?

  5. Have you seen a psychologist or psychiatrist?

I would recommend that you try not to self-diagnose your problem. Find a physician that you trust and then trust that physician to help you make the right decisions concerning your health. Get a first, second and third opinion if necessary BUT sooner or later you need to have an expert. Try not to be the expert regardless of your educational background.


Please read my original post more carefully. I have already stated that I am **undergoing treatment for depression **and have spoken several times to my gynecologist about the options.



Are you saying that a hysterectomy is not sterilization? My mother, several cousins and two aunts who have had this procedure done would disagree with you since they can no longer have kids.

As I said before, my gynecologist is only one opinion and I will not take birth-control pills or have a hysterectomy done without researching all the facts and getting several medical opinions. I am only asking advice here because maybe others here know of PMS specialists or medication that I may not be aware of that I can discuss at length about with my gynecologist.

I am aware medical advice is against forum rules. I am simply asking for alternatives that others may be aware of and I have already stated that I have spoken to my gynecologist. If someone were to suggest that I eat chalk to help my PMS I am not dumb enough to try it. Many women on these forums share their wisdom and experience with one another.



That is not what I said.

I said a medically indicated hysterectomy is not direct sterilization because it isn’t. It is indirect sterlization.

Chemotheraphy for cancer is not sterlization although it may render a person sterile-- it is indirect, a side effect of treatment.

In the case of a medically indicated hysterectomy the sterility is a side effect not the directly intended outcome.


Can you please stop picking posts apart. I will continue to disagree with your views on what a hysterectomy is and am sure many women will feel offended at having had a hysterectomy that causes sterilization…called a side-effect. (and if you are a woman :eek: ) This thread is about asking for alternatives to a hysterectomy and not a theological or medical debate. If you don’t have any alternatives then there nothing else to discuss. Thank you.



I am not picking apart your posts. You stated in your first post that “it is against Church teaching to have a hysterectomy” and I was seeking clarification from you because that is not true. I was trying to be helpful-- often people post on CAF with much anxiety about things they think the Church teaches thinking that they are committing a sin when they are not.

I see nothing offensive in what I have stated regarding a hysterectomy. I have no idea what is offensive about stating the facts regarding the Church’s position on medical procedures.

I was highlighting the difference between seeking a hysterectomy to prevent pregnancy (direct sterilization) which is against Church teaching and seeking a hysterectomy as a medically indicated procedure to treat a disease or condition (indirect sterilization) which is NOT against Church teaching.

Yes, I am a woman.

Lizanne has given you a link that hopefully will prove fruitful for you as you look for alternatives.


I stated in my post #4: **I know the Church is not against hysterectomies for medical reasons ** But you continued on and disregarded that I wrote this clarification.

There are various kinds of hysterectomy procedures but the kind that my gynecologist suggested would leave me sterile. This is a very serious problem for me spiritually and I don’t want to take an action that will weigh heavy on my soul. That is why I am seeking alternatives not debates.

The end of this matter.

And yes, Lizaanne’s post was helpful.



My advice, seek a Spiritual Director to help you in these matters. Many prayers for you.


Is there any way you could take the actual natural hormones as opposed to birth control pills, where the hormones are altered? Are the natural hormones available? I really don’t know if they are or not, but it might be worth looking into.


Thank you for your prayers. For several years I have been searching for a Spiritual Director but unfortunately in my area Liberalism is rampant so I have not had the blessing of finding a good Spiritual Director and in terms of the spiritual struggles surrounding my decision of whether or not to have a hysterectomy I would need a Spiritual Director who has experience in the medical field such as counseling couples using NFP, pro-life…ect. And in my area I don’t see that happening.

I pray to God that one day I can find a good Spiritual Director. :slight_smile:


I have indeed been thinking about this and I think a good start would be by contacting the doctor Lizaanne recommended to me as I have been thinking about going the natural hormones route (of course under medical supervision). If I can find relief for my severe PMS this way that would be a God send. :thumbsup:



See, this is exactly the thing that we talk about with the pill masking symptoms instead of fixing them.

If you have pms, why would someone get medication for depression? It’s not depression, its PMS. (I’m only going by what you said in your OP…I’m not diagnosing here).

Unless you do have clinical depression as well.

go to www.omsoul.com to find an NFP only doc.

I had some anxiety and depression like symptoms associated with my cycle. I charted, found out I was low in progesterone, and now I get a natural progesterone that evened everything out.

It actually fixed the problem, not medicated it.


You should contact the Pope Paul VI institute in Omaha, NE. I believe their website is www.popepaulvi.org to find more information or a physician trained by Dr. Hilgers there. The institute has had successes in treating hormonal imbalances and fixing the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

I will pray that you are able to work through this suffering and that it may bring you closer to Christ. God bless!


Did the doctor who diagnosed you specify whether the depression/mood swings are chemical in nature, of a physical defect, or of an environmental (e.g. life) nature?

A chemical imbalance, (which is what I was reading from your posts as you are talking about BC pills and PMS), could be any number of completely unrelated diseases, cimplications, syndromes or illnesses.

Hyperthyroidism, borderline diabetes or hyperglycemia, a defect with your pituitary gland, and a million other things could be causing this diagnosis of PMS “depression.”

You mention that you are currently being treated for depression. When was the last time you had a good round of tests done ruling out other issues?


agapewolf Yes, I do have the dreaded combo of PMS and clinical depression. :frowning: My depression medication helps on one end but as soon as it gets close to my getting my period the medication just doesn’t help and my depression takes a turn for the worse.

Thank you so much for the www.omsoul.com link! I will check and see if I can find an NFP doctor in my area. It is very frustrating when you go to a liberal-minded gynecologists who just want to give you an easy fix with birth-control pills or surgery. Thanks again and God bless. :slight_smile:


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