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Well, why do Christians value chastity and purity?

We believe that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t believe in a Holy Spirit, or that your body is anything besides a physical thing that has its urges like any other creature— why go through the effort to subdue or discipline those urges?

We believe that our bodies are not our own, so that’s why we refrain from doing whatever we feel like— even when we really feel like it. But if you believe that your body is very much your own, and you can do whatever you feel like with it, as long as it doesn’t land you in jail— that’s what happens.

We believe in chastity according to your state of life. So there’s married chastity and there’s unmarried chastity. But you can run into difficulties with this even between a Catholic and Protestant worldview.

The Bible frequently makes reference to fornication-- sex outside of marriage. St. Paul says that fornicators won’t inherit the kingdom of Heaven— but how many of us who believe in a Kingdom of Heaven ignore that bit, let alone people who don’t believe in a Kingdom of Heaven?


A part of it is because she doesn’t believe in the teachings, true. Your elaboration was so good. Thank you so much Midori. Just, I want to know the effect of chastity that is absolute truth (I don’t know how to explain). Hmm… I’ll ask her how would she feel if her husband saved his virginity just for her and want to give his whole self to her and even if she betrays him, he would still love her until the very end. Would that make the guy stupid or not. And that He doesn’t see sex to be something cheap but very sacred. Wouldn’t she feel loved and safer with him? I’ll try ask her this. If she could have this, would she be happier? The things she said before was more about her, what if she is the one who experiences unconditional love. If she still doesn’t care about it, I don’t know what to say anymore hahahaha


i think that humans are very good at fooling ourselves, a lot of people will tell that sex and alcohol and other such things make them happy, but deep down they are not, they are searching for something more and just looking in the wrong places


Lmaooo she agreed that if the whole world didn’t do sex before marriage and marriage vows were serious, the world will be better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

But she still has pride in not having a religion coz she thinks she is still happy. But I think I planted something. Only God can do the rest now. I’m so happy :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


You need to respect her point of view, that`s it


I take it she’s not married yet?

Unmarried people often have all kinds of deep thoughts about “love” and big plans and ideas about what they will do when they are married.

When they actually get married, it’s a different story entirely.

These types of discussions are generally a whole lot of dreaming and hot air.

I wouldn’t be commenting or responding because to be honest I avoided engaging in such discussions even when I was young and single, I think they’re a waste of time.


Yuph yuph will always respect her point of view but will always try bring her home with Jesus’s power, through prayer, example or random discussions. I feel called.
It was weird, I asked God is He wants me to still pursue her after she seemed so stubborn and I asked God to give me a random bible verse and I randomly opened where it felt “right” in my heart to ACTS 2 and today I found out that she isn’t so much anti-Catholic. I’ve been having the habit of getting instructed through random scripture passages. I’m sure other Christians too? Prayers please. If she ever get baptised, I’ll post a follow up! I’m still learning! I’m never gonna give up whatever people say.


It’s ok, it’s ok, I’ve finished discussing with her today. Thank you! Just I feel, before this discussion, she wouldn’t know about Catholic at all. At least she knows something now. I don’t think it is totally useless. I think it is a small seed and God can do wonders. I want to believe so. I appreciate everyone’s post! Thank you so much! She isn’t married yet, yuph but she’s an adult. My other Japanese friend is very “catholic” now and will take RCIA next year. Prayers kay! Thank you!


I learnt a lot, thank you so much everyone!


You are to be commended for your patience in trying to bring your friend closer to Jesus.
God bless you!


Aww! Glory to God! Amen amen! You’re behind it too! Like a domino! You helped me on my very first topic here which has made my life for the better! I told you I’d never forget it! God used you to raise me up for Him! My days have only gotten better! If I’m ever dull, I’m sure u’ll be able to help again! God bless you too sibling in Christ! I’m still struggling, but here feels like home indeed huh! Thank you again!


I remember a sister told me this when I was questioning chastity and this impacted me, maybe it’ll work on an atheist.
So imagine that all that your chastity is like a water balloon. You have been given this water balloon to protect for your future husband. But throughout your life, you do actions of impurity. Like dressing immodestly, or even committing fornication, you put a small needle in the balloon, but it doesn’t break and slowly this water is coming out. So you never fix the small hole so throughout your life is leaking. Let’s say you finally meet your husband and you fall in love. You get married, and on your wedding night, you guys are going to exchange your balloon. If he remained pure all this time, he gives you his balloon with all this love and meaning with it. And when it’s your turn, you give him an empty water balloon. How would you feel? What if it was the other way around? Your husband saved himself for you, went through all the temptations and sufferings and made it. But you didn’t do the same for him


Thank you for the share!


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