Female Lectors...


Good or bad? Discuss.


Morally neutral. They are permitted by the lawful authority.


First I would like to make sure that they are in good standing with the Church and that they are there for the right reason, then we can talk about gender.


I prefer no lay readers. But then I prefer the TLM.



Indeed, I have a Lutheran friend who gets asked to be a lector at the Catholic Masses.


Lay lectors Ministry are a novelty of the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council. I am currently a lector when I attend the Novus Ordo, however, I will not sign up for the next ministry season. However, it is morally neutral. It certainly isn’t evil for the Church to approve lectors. I even think that some of the Byzantine Rites have lay readers. But I will say it is against the Liturgical tradition of the Roman Rite, and therefore should be done away with for the Roman Rite.


Sould be left to instituted lectors/acolytes. And they should be vested in a cassock and surplus (all of this is my humble opinion. It is a neutral issue and has been permitted by the competent authority).


Simple Answer: Morally neutral (not evil), bad for Roman Rite because it is against the Roman Rite’s Liturgical Tradition.


JKIRK, you’ve been hanging around the TC forum toooo long! We’re gonna make a trad outta you yet! :wink:




that’s nice but your parish doesn’t have enough lectors?


Probably more than they want, but she keeps them awake. :smiley:


LOL, well, this is what I’ve always favored. Not the laity clunking up to the ambo from the congregation. I don’t think everyone having an assignment is what “active paritcipation” means.

Plus, you girls are always wearing heels and they make the MOST irritating “click-click-click” on marble during Mass.


My wife has worn flip flopping flats and it makes a funny blap blap sound as she walks up to the podium.

They are morally neutral, though I believe are not good for the liturgy as this discourages full active participation and encourages a sort of participation of only a few parishioners, the readers, the EMHCS and each new thing they do to involve certain parishioners which makes the pew sitter just that, a pew sitter.

I would much rather be a pew sitter and participate unified the body of Christians in the nave as the Priest presides. Just be a rower in the boat instead of some person moving all around.

We should have instituted lectors and acolytes so my wife can resign, she is just waiting for the chance as she does it because they begged her to do it.

God Bless


Paul VI, shortly after Vatican II, and I believe just a few months after the Third Instruction on the implemenation of the liturgical changes, explicitly wrote that, in line with the “venerable tradition” of the Church, only capable men are to be lectors.

If I remember correctly, the Third Instruction, while prohibitting women from entering into the sanctuary (oops…does that mean altar girls?), does not explicity prohibit women from acting as lectors.


I have nothing against female lectors as long as they’re cute. :smiley:


I can’t remember exactly which instruction it was, but it’s true that Paul VI’s directives for the use of extraordinary ministers included provisions that women must exercise these functions outside of the sanctuary.

I’m with JKirk on this one, since I’ve always been slightly piqued that we’ve got an ordinary minister on the books whom no one outside of a few select dioceses seems ever to have encountered. Only lectors should be doing the reading, which means only duly instituted men. Of course, I’d probably like things even better if we got our subdeacons back:rolleyes: , but within the present system, that’s certainly the way to go. The really unfortunate thing is that I suspect most every diocese has devout, capable men who actively desire to normalize their ministry through institution but are denied this because their bishops refuse to institute any ministers outside of those on track for ordination.


Agree with Swiss

My wife starts her first turn as lector in two weeks.

We have do have too many lectors and 2 permanently assigned deacons. Do we really need that many? I don’t know.


Milk monitors. Everyone has to have their little job to feel a full member.


As long as they don’t wear capri pants, then maybe they’re okay. Maybe we should refer to what St. Paul tells us concerning women…

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