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i answered a question in another forum, and i said that Joyce Meyer is a false teacher because she is female. But now would this make Mother Angelica a false teacher, since she preaches the word on like EWTN. I am not sure about this. I am coming from a protestant background

Mother Angelica does not preach from the pulpit, she simply teaches. Only men who have been ordained deacon (all bishops and priests are also deacons) may preach in the Catholic Church. Many women are teachers in the Church but none have been ordained to preach.

As to Joyce Meyer and other Protestants, their ecclesial bodies allow them to preach, so for her it’s all right. This does not mean, though that what she preaches is true or false. It would be illicit for her to preach in the Catholic Church even if every word she spoke was true.

Joyce Meyer is not a false teacher because she is female, she is a false teacher because she teaches untruths without allowance of correction. I’m sure not all of her teachings are untrue and in those instances she would not be considered a false teacher, but then how does one begin to differentiate. :shrug:


I think technically her conferences are for women, so no problem with the Biblical mandate. She does follow a “word of faith” theology which at times has her saying things more orthodox teachers would not.

Many Catholic women preach, just not from the pulpit. :smiley:


No woman, or non-ordained man, may deliver a homily - the sermon delivered after the Gospel at mass. Other than that, women may preach.

I think the more precise way of stating this is that women do not receive Holy Orders within the Catholic Church, and therefore do not give homilies during mass.

That said, there is a history of women deacons in the early Church (e.g., Phoebe the diakonos of Cenchreae in Romans 16, the ministrae in Pliny the Younger’s letter to Trajan), but their exact ministerial roles is unclear.

St. Clement of Alexandria writes of women who assisted the apostles in ministering at private homes, “by their agency the teaching of the Lord reached the women’s quarters without arousing suspicion.” St. Ignatius of Antioch referred to deaconesses as the “keepers of the holy gates.” He also writes of a company of consecrated virgins and an “order of widows.” The Didiscalia Apolostorum (which did not have force of law) from the mid-3rd century also refers to a bishop at the head of a community which he governed with help mostly from deacons and deaconesses. It refers to deaconesses being for “the service of women.”

Later writings circumscribe the role of deaconesses more tightly. By 375, Epiphanius of Salamis writes, “there is certainly in the Church the order of deaconesses, but this does not exist to exercise the functions of a priest, nor are they to have any undertaking committed to them, but for the decency of the feminine sex at the time of baptism.” In the “Apostolic Constitutions” of 380, deaconesses are described as not having liturgical functions, but only to serve women. It mentions that a deaconess should do nothing without a deacon.

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Joyce Meyer is not a false teacher because she is a woman. Personally I see her as a motivational speaker not a preacher whatsoever. Same thing with Joel Olsteen. They simply inspire people to feel good about themselves, to spend money and to give them give them money, etc.

Mother Angelica is a Religious and took Holy Orders. Not to mention starting a worldwide T.V. network to spread the Catholic faith.

You can’t compare the two.

Mother Angelica - speaks the Truth

Joyce Meyer - not so much

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