Female religious orders for older people


There is a brand new community being set up in England, UK for older single women (36+) , widows and those with some disability.
This is the website:
(put directly into the address bar on the search engine)

These are exciting times! :slight_smile:


Very good to know! Thanks for posting this.


Very interesting. Did you know there Is one forming here in the U. S. and several others already active? See my page Mature Vocations.:slight_smile:


Thanks Estelle. How do I find your page? I would appreciate any help from more experienced founders as I’m sure you know there are a lot of hurdles! :grinning:


Found it! :+1:


You’ll have an easier time talking about it here than on another public forum, where such discussions are banned outright.

Rule, Constitutions, Horarium, Formation Program, Remunerative work, stable source of habit parts and at least three or four stable members are the requirements.

As I tell the founders on our Fullerton Society forum, just live the life and the guiding documents will write themselves.

A Chancery can’t approve a concept. You can pass the idea by them, and ask their prayers, but you’re the one who has to prove that this is indeed your new way of life. Be prepared to submit to them whatever you already have on hand concerning the charism. Be sure this is somehow helping to fulfill the bishop’s pastoral plan.

You can wear a uniform outside of your convent, and the actual habit within. Don’t be seen outside the house in the habit, lest you be thought presumptuous.

There are other forms of religious life besides religious institute – Society of Apostolic Life and Secular Institute.

Right now, you are your own lay associates/third order. Develop the plan of life for that first. The vowed version will necessarily go into further detail regarding conventual life and how your group interprets the evangelical counsels.




Thanks Cloisterd. Very kind of you


My organization supports emerging charisms because nobody else would. Our emerging Cloisterite religious also act as emerging charisms’ cloistered branch. I’m a lay Dominican and St. Dominic founded his nuns before he founded the friars. Object lesson there.



Colisters, in my situation I am trying to have as much done and in place as possible. There will be a lot to think about and to discover from now until Sept. as I have told my young friend. The more I have at the “ready” will be advantagious when we are ready to see the Bishop. Thanks for your input and information. Mary Estelle.


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Yes, it’s absolutely imperative to be “camera ready,” as is said in production, before going to the bishop.

The group can also go see him just to put a face-to-a-name. A uniform is permitted. No veils, but “soft” headcovering for the sake of practicing covering is permitted.

New charisms help the local bishop to fulfill his pastoral plan. Please keep that in mind.



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