Femininity = chaos, masculinity = order?

This is what Jordan Peterson says, and it’s quite popular in internet culture. But is this even close to truth?

Most violent crime is committed by men, so I see men as the more chaotic sex.I don’t mean to bash men or masculinity, but in an extreme form, it is really chaos.

Probably he meant it in a Jungian perspective. The emotional free moving “energy” that moves like the waves of the sea . In contrast to the harbor, a potential safe point for her despite the chaos.


They are just used that way symbolically in mythology: order and society vs chaos and nature.

Aren’t men more into nature? Most hunters and adventures are men, like Bear Grylls.

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Real masculinity does not equal violence


I think that association comes from somewhere else. The female biology, in particular menstruation and pregnancy, was sometimes seen as the expression of mysterious (and maybe vaguely disturbing and ominous) natural forces. Some commenters think that that disquiet could be the reason why a woman who was on her period was considered as impure in the Old Testament - something completely weird and off control was going on with her vital fluids.


Most violent crimes are also done by men raises in single mother households. . . .

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No, it’s just silly.


I always thought it the other way round. Women seek to nurture, cultivate and control, which can be interpreted as creating order, whereas men seek to understand and discover, which can be interpreted as tolerating chaos.

Remember the ents and ent wives?

A teacher friend tells me she believes that on assigments that are primarily about following and executing instructions, girls almost always come out ahead. The more precise and tricky the assignment, the more the girls will come out ahead, whereas boys will lose points needlessly on sloppiness or not double-checking their results. But if she creates an assigment that requires initiative or going against the grain of intuition or finding their own solutions by combining different kinds of skills, boys tend to come out ahead.

I’m talking of course about big-picture averages. There are always exceptions on both sides.


People are individuals and it’s useless to paste a label on any large group.


Chaos is bad. It is lack of order.

Femininity is good. It is a set of feminine qualities.

Jordan Peterson should be ignored. His protestant ideas hurt many souls.


I once took chaos theory, a field of physics at University.

The main premise is that chaos had within it a hidden order. What we perceive as chaotic has an order that we are incapable of perceiving until we look at it a little more deeply.


I would reject what critics say Jordan Peterson says and hear what he actually says.

He’s been taken out of context and villainized by the left often.


Not in my marriage. :rofl: :rofl:

I have my strengths. I can be a slow thinker, which hurts me sometimes but also helps us as a team to be less reactive when we shouldn’t be. I tend to do better with more grand, theoretical thinking.

But overall my wife is smarter and better organized than I am. So maybe I’m misunderstanding by what he means by chaos but for us it isn’t true. It’s a synchronization of traits to make the sum better than the whole of the parts.

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Nope. I’m reminded of a line by Farimir in the Lord of the Rings. Something like ‘I don’t love the sword for it’s sharpness…but rather for what it defends…’


I like a lot of what Jordan Peterson says and I also reject a lot of what he says.

Women tend to be seen as more emotional , and men more rational, but we all know from lived experience that both men and women are capable of rationality and emotion.

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All atheists I know preach this “chaos theory”.

But if you think about the very idea of “order hidden in chaos”, it is an evident contradiction.

Just like a bottle can be either empty or filled (even if partially), things are either ordered or chaotic…

No it’s not.

Let me explain.

What we may think of as chaotic systems may seem chaotic at first because it is beyond the capability of our current mathematical models.

However newer more capable mathematical models may come in the future enabling us to see that what we thought of as a chaotic system has been orderly all along. We didn’t have the capability then to understand it fully.

Right now as computers grow more powerful we can make more and more models that can capably explain once chaotic systems.

One example would be weather forecasting.


Jordan Peterson provides the psychological date when he makes claims, not just an opinion.

He’s a clinical psychologist and uses the science held by the professionals in his field.

First, how do you define chaos?

Second how do you measure chaos?

Third where is this scientific study about females = chaos and males = order?

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