Feminism and fetishization of women


Yes but I’d go even further. I like the 20/40/60 rule

When we’re 20, we are worried about what people think of us.

When we’re 40, we dont care what people think of us.

When we’re 60, we realize that people aren’t thinking of us - people think about themselves.


Quite right.

But don’t confuse what I said with a distorted form of what I said.

If our priorities are rectified as they should be, we couldn’t possibly disrespect others if we’re mindful of our deep awareness of God’s closeness to us, and His loving and demanding desires for us, that we become like His Son.

His Son didn’t disrespect others, and neither should we. And it was clear Whose will He prayed and followed.

It’s a matter of integrating our actions in line with our desire to please God, and thus all our interactions with others will have the sweet tone of the Holy Spirit, spilling out of us.


Why wait until then…why not begin early and “perfect” our desire for God at each moment of our life, until He pulls the plug on us?


Yes and for example, there are certain ways of depicting men and male-female relationships that encourage women to treat men as cash registers to be won by being persistent enough, or that encourage an attitude of entitlement to access to men.


Oh I dont think people should wait, I think the “rule” is merely reflecting a societal trend.


Both are bad.

This type of utilitarian thinking, thinking of people as objects to be used and discarded is not good. This is what sociopaths do.


Sociopaths is not applicable. It’s just being selfish. Mutual self-giving based on trust and friendship is preferable.


I think it’s fair to say both sexes have some unhelpful attitudes to the other


May be in South Asia women are definitely not put on pedestals, and there is a view there that women are inferior to men but according to this excellent research one can say that the same happens in some western countries.


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