Feminism v Meninism


A discussion about the equality of the sexes has been taking place on Twitter in the US this week. But this time it’s not about women or feminism - but “meninism”.



Some of the tweets are downright hilarious.

Stop using me for my strength. I have feelings, too. Maybe I don’t want to open that jar.


After reading about six of them, and having absolutely no clue what they meant, I now feel very old. :frowning:


Just more gender silliness.


What’s wrong with being a woman? What’s wrong with being a man? Genders ARE. So get over it, that’s just the way we are!!


I don’t find most of them funny but I get that its a meme of a meme. I occasionally use feminist hash tags but its usually on serious articles but I get where the joke came from; it would be better if it were funny.


An old CAF news hound like Gilliam posting a blog thread, what is the world coming to?


The #MeninistTwitter hashtag was initially started by men sharing jokes - some of which were criticised as offensive by feminists.

Everything offends feminists. :rolleyes:


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