What is your personal understanding of Feminism?
Do you consider yourself a Feminist, and if so, why? I’d love to hear any stories!
How do you see the world’s view of the woman’s role and value today? How do you think this view has evolved? How has this view affected you right now?

I am personally tired of that 60’s idea that a woman must be the same as that of a young man to have any sense of value. Otherwise she’s at the level of a leach. This attitude is outright infuriating and I believe it has destroyed the fabric of society as well as the dignity of womanhood and motherhood–and childhood. The woman today, is pulled in so many directions, because so much is expected of her. If one does not act “responsibly” and get thee on the pill and to a part-time job, she is just a leach who is out of touch. Maybe I’m bitter. heh heh.

Would love to hear respectful agreements and disagreements. Stories and feelings are free to be shared, here, too.

I am somewhat of a feminist…I do believe that men and women should be paid the same salary for the same job…

And i do believe that we should pay the same price for the same service …ie, a man pays a dollar for a dry cleaning of a cotton shirt, a woman pays 5 dollars for dry cleaning of a same cotton shirt… that to me is wrong…

And i hate the old double standards on certain things… like its ok for men to do such and such, but not ok for women…

Ok…waiting for the flaming arrows to come my way… :smiley:

i’m a Feminist in that i believe a woman must be able to do whatever she wants with her life.

i believe men and woman are equal, but not the same.

we each bring unique qualities to the world and our families.

i love a feminine woman. hope we don’t use that.

Awww…thats sweet…and I agree too. I dont necessarily want to give up feminine ways either, and do believe that we each have our roles…but its nice to be treated fairly in some respects also.

Oh my. You will get all sorts of responses to this one! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

I’m gonna need a BIG tub of popcorn…


Nothing wrong there.with these.

I’m not sure what kind of flaming arrows you expect.



You’re in luck - we got this HUGE box of popcorn at Costco the other day really cheap. I’d be happy to share! hands TheRealJuliane some popcorn

Anyway, yes I consider myself a feminist.

I think men and women should be considered equally for jobs, assuming of course that they both meet the qualifications. This may mean that certain jobs are predominantly male or predominantly female because of certain traits that are statistically more likely to occur in males or females. This also means that I would expect males and females to be granted the professional respect they have earned even if they are a minority in their profession (think a male nurse who is just as empathetic as any of the women or a female firefighter who is just as strong as any of the men).

I do not think that anyone has the right to kill innocent life, regardless of the geography of that life (think in the womb of a female). I think when an unplanned pregnancy occurs, we should smugly remind the dad that he has “options” (read: keep it in his pants) rather than smugly remind the mom that she has “options” (read: abortion). Not that I’ve ever been there … :rolleyes:

Speaking generally of the culture as a whole, I think that we ought to label men who sleep around as “sluts” rather than high-fiving them for their success in seducing women, or we should start high-fiving women who sleep around for their success in seducing men and stop labeling them as “sluts.” Consistency, people. (Frankly, I think either course of action just might shock people just enough to obtain the desired effect, which would be less casual sex.)

I think we should seriously consider capital punishment for family breadwinners who take advantage of their status to cheat on their spouses and abandon their spouses and children to destitution and potential death. Now, while such a punishment would theoretically be gender-neutral, in reality men do this 99% more than women (primarily because men are more likely to be the breadwinners, although that is changing), so more men would be removed from the gene pool this way. And that satisfies my inner feminazi. Just kidding. Sort of. :smiley:

Well, that is not specially feminist, just something according Catholic doctrine! :smiley:

Everyone is called to be chaste.



I’d agree as long as it doesn’t impact others negatively. An example might be combat troops.:shrug:

It seems to me, we still have a long way to go before woman are treated fairly. I think the equel pay issue is moving towards resolution. But, I know that woman still get taken advantage of, when they seek service for their autos. This is shameful.


I wasnt sure if i would get flaming arrows either, but one never knows…LOL.

Some people do have firm opinions that a womans place is in the kitchen, and all that.

There was a time (when i was younger, healthier, and in better shape) that I was a heavy equipment operator on a construction site…some of the looks that came my way…you know the look— “women should not be allowed to do that…etc”

Well, for 37 dollars an hour… Give me those overalls please, I dont mind getting dirty. lol.

Got a lot of flak for it though. :wink:

This is a very complicated one to discuss. Political correctness has so diluted the aspect of what feminism really and truly is.

I don’t quite understand the whole “feminism is that wymyn need to be the exact same as men!” how is that feminism? That seems like it would be degrading to women if they can’t be unique in the slightest. Then there are those (though I have never met one, thanks be to God) who think women need to be ABOVE men like some Amazon hell hole. Changing “history” to “herstory”, I mean…come on. Feminists need only look back to find the answer and real definition to feminism.

The true feminists are those that recognize the great gift they’ve been given - to be a tool for one of the greatest gifts God has given us: Life. Truly that is awesome and inspiring that they might be included in such a miraculous gift. To accept this is equally amazing. I believe that is the true feminism. To see the gift that God has given you and to act on it.

yes, i wouldn’t go along with Priests or combat.

i just think the church needs different roles for men and women. to keep the masculine and feminine unique.

and i think putting women in combat is a disrespect to them. they’re part of our treasure.

In the 1960s, all the moms in my neighborhood were stay at home moms. Marriage was a partnership. It was understood that a woman, a wife and mother, had just as much respect and dignity as her husband.

The type of feminism that emerged in the 1970s was not solution oriented. It had the opportunity to help married couples and couples thinking about getting married. Instead, it chose to create an us vs. them attitude between men and women. Men, all men, became the enemy. Everything was run by men, including the Catholic Church.

Men were useless: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Gloria Steinem

The family was bad: Betty Friedan called the family “a comfortable concentration camp.”

Babies were a hindrance. I was born in the mid-1950s and the average number of kids in my neighborhood was 2. There was no Birth Control Pill.

So, what did they offer? Separation and fear and distrust. They firmly planted the idea that your man will kick you to the curb, run off, and leave you with the kids. Did this happen? Sometimes. But the mom could always go back home or get taken in by a relative until she got back on her feet. Right? According to them: wrong.

Women were given their orders. Get a career. Don’t trust him, get a pre-nuptial agreement, since that man who said “I love you.” is a liar, and will dump you for someone else. Maybe not soon, but eventually.

Women deserved more than motherhood, and faith and trust and commitment didn’t really mean anything. Join the army, become a CEO, run for President. OK. Then what?

The family is the basic building block of society and it takes two people, not one. Meanwhile, men and women were being encouraged to have “one night stands.” Frustrated, some women, who wanted real love, commitment and stability, decided to go along.

And then women were given a strange power: they could make men disappear at will. Yes, if a man she chose to have sex with got her pregnant, he was off the hook. It was her body, and nobody could tell her what to do with it.

Artificial contraception: good.
Men: Temporary flings. “Just sex.”
Family: Why bother? You’ve got to overthrow the patriarchy - the world run by men - at all levels.
Babies: A huge pain. If you have one, just drop it off at daycare while you pursue your career. You can pick it up after work for some quality time, but at 18 - out of the house.

And this is the National Organization for Women today.



I think this about sums it up. The mods could make this a sticky - The History of the “Women’s Movement” and How it Messed Up Society.



Alright Alright. I’ll get back with you guys on this. I have to put my kids to bed. ha! (I’m a single mom).

Being an 19 year old guy, I don’t quite understand what happened in that Movement in the 70’s. (And don’t get me wrong in my next paragraphs - I’m hardly a sexist or anything, if I accidently rub off that way)

However, I do remember learning that back in the 1800s, when women kept pushing for the right to vote, they were kept quiet by threatening to open the draft to women in exchange for the right to vote.

If women want full equality with men, they need to have the responsibilities as much as the rights, and that means I would promote women to be drafted and to be allowed on the front lines. Otherwise, our society is an unequal society :confused:

Being a single mom has made me more of a 60’s feminist than I’ve ever wanted to be.

The Catholic woman is authorized and empowered to fight along side the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ, under the Woman & Seed mandate of God’s cursing Lucifer with the Woman and her Seed in Genesis 3:15. The Archangel Gabriel explicitly positioned the Virgin Mary as “blessed among women” as distinct from Hannah, the prophet Samuel’s mother, called “blessed above women.” This is inclusive of all women; and the Body of Christ constitutes her “other children” being persecuted in John’s Apocalypse Ch. 12.

Feminism, real Christian, Susan B. Anthony dignity-of-woman, voting, anti-abortion, salary equity feminism was co-opted by Communists like husband-beating uber-rich Betty Freidan; and Gloria Steinem, who had her brains washed in Soviet-era Russia before magically coming up with cash to start MS MAGAZINE that pimps abortion for the likes of funders like the Playboy Foundation. Aided and abetted by Freud and Marx, this sex-industry-friendly strategy stems from Communist Wilhelm Reich who posited that the “sexual revolution” would shatter the class structure (read “Western civilization”) and Communism would prevail. This unholy trinity’s childhood sexuality obsession was forwarded by Alfred Kinsey, who “documented” his pseudo-scientific thesis of kiddie sex by paying men to molest children while timing the infants’ and childrens’ reactions with stopwatches and labelling their crying, screaming and even seizures as a “pleasure response.”

This is the Satanic assault on the Woman & Seed in a nutshell. The Italian Gramsci’s Communist strategy of Western civilization’s death-by-a-thousand-cuts was forwarded by the Clintons, Bill having also had his brains washed in Soviet-era Russia like Gloria Steinem after being expelled from Oxford. As an example, Hillary’s secret health care summit recommended jail time for sick people who went outside the government-appointed doctor in the proposed “free” health care system. Free health care is a popular Communist choke point and as Barak Obama’s administration has famously shown, this isn’t very Catholic-friendly; and promises to make a mockery out of the first sacrament, marriage, which is also the last sacrament that will be confected on Earth upon Christ’s return for His Bride, the Church.

The unity of culturally Catholic women has been shattered by the other arm of Reich’s sexual revolution as forwarded by racist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who targeted that second generation of freed African slaves, and Italian Catholic immigrants, all in her push to eradicate brown-eyed people, once the backbone of morality in America. Now widespread contraception and abortion make cultural Christians little different than the atheist American milieu. Even the Susan G. Komen Foundation, in recognizing the link between abortion and breast cancer, couldn’t withdraw funding from Planned Parenthood without risking financial backlash hurled via Planned Parenthood’s vicious social media lobby, mob-ocracy at its finest.

Yet all it takes is a remnant, like Gideon’s army of 300 that shocked the outnumbering enemy into slaying itself; a few good women and children; inspired by the Holy Spirit, led by His spouse, the perfect Woman; one with her Seed, the Body of Christ. For that perfect, sinless, barefoot young mother, modestly gowned and with her hair in braids to advance crushing Lucifer’s head, we pray, “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” Wear the Miraculous Medal and pray always for this victory.

“Pray and work” as St. Benedict counseled. Our Lady of the Rosary, in her Fatima, Portugal appearances in 1917 said, “Pray the daily Rosary for peace” and promised the “only” means to peace was the episcopal consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart performed solemnly and publicly at one time in every cathedral as led by Peter. Otherwise Russia would spread her errors leading to the “annihilation” of nations. No more of this Satanic slaughter, please God! We chose life and blessing. We chose Woman & Seed feminism, and Your divine peace plan of putting women and children first. +PAX CHRISTI

I believe in equal treatment and opportunity for women, provided they can meet any standards which may be required. I believe the same for men. In this way, men and women can choose which life she wants.

An example of meeting standards has come up in another thread on women in the military. I do not believe women should be in front line combat roles just because they want to be there. If a woman can meet the very same physical fitness and strength requirements as her male comrades, then I have no problem with it. I do not think that standards should be lowered in order to make a social point. It is about doing a job well. Women have shown to be great aviators in many types of aircraft, for example. In that case, technology and engineering progress have produce aircraft which a woman does have the strength and stamina to pilot.

On AVERAGE, women are better at some things and men are better at some things. I don’t think that this should limit anyone’s opportunities, because exceptional people exist everywhere who don’t fall into the average range of aptitude and ability.

Yes, women can choose what life they want to live. The problem became - a small group wanted to dictate to women what they should and should not do.

Work and earning a living is fine. Replacing true love and commitment with hating all men has led to a rupture in the most basic building block of society and reduced true intimacy based on love and trust to “just sex.” That is the evil today.

The radical feminists wanted two things. Power. “I, the woman, am in charge of you, the man.” Friendship, then trust, then love and romance, and perhaps, marriage? Who needs it? If I spot a guy I like, I’ll just have sex with him that means nothing except satisfying myself.

The second thing was Money. They said: You are in control and you must make as much, if not more, money as the male you choose to keep in your company.

I recently read a comment published in a major Detroit newspaper from the leader of a Michigan based Women’s Business Association. She basically said that after all these years, she was disappointed that women were not in charge of most businesses.

Sex if you feel like it, like going to the bathroom. Power by displacing men as the head of the business or the family. And money so you can indulge yourself, and have the power to kick him out of your married life.

This is not better. It is wrong. And it distorts relationships and even having kids to:

I’m in charge.
I’ll divorce you the minute I want to.
I make a lot of money, and you’re my temporary sexual plaything.
I’m pregnant, and even though I have the means, I’m too busy overthrowing the patriarchy right now so I’ll just get an abortion.

Power and money or real love based on real friendship, trust and commitment? I think the choice is clear.

Jobs - no problem. The current idea of what a male-female relationship is? Totally wrong on both sides.


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