Feminisma and caring about women

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When feminism officially became accepted, whatever happened to promoting real Christian values for women?

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Could you define what you perceive by feminism and Christian values for women please?

It’s probably not a great idea to lump all women together as one amorphous, well, lump. You’ve listed a number of complex issues, I’d suggest you start a thread for each individually. But do quick search first, they have all been previously discussed.

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Officially became accepted by who?
Feminism is such a broad category that the word is almost meaningless now.

I never married so I never had children (that’s just the path my life took). Does that make me less Catholic than a married woman with children?


I imagine the same thing that happened to the promotion of Christian values for men - and people, in general.

That is to say, rapid de-Christianization of the larger culture, itself.

She probably means institutional hegemony. Less and less women are calling themselves feminists these days.

You mean within the Catholic Church? I’ve honestly never considered feminism to have any real or historical standing in that institution, nor ever associated it with such a movement.

I was talking about in wider society. The OP’s posts are really confusing.

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I agree! It would be helpful if I understood whether she meant the CC or society at large.

LOL am to lazy to look up that term

But you weren’t too lazy to reply to my post. Priorities.

Haha you got me!
And a blessed Good Friday to you

Same to you.

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