Feminist realizes Sexual Revolution creates sexual slavery


I just stumbled across this article and could not help but yell YES!!

Here is a feminist who has been affected by the pain of the sexual revolution and realizes that a mutual self giving between husband and wife is where happiness is at.

It’s a start in embracing the Church’s sexual ethic rather she realizes it or not.



I didn’t see her blame the sexual revolution specifically, but society in general which I could see how it has inherited values (or rather lack there of) from the SR.

I have a question though, being that I wasn’t alive at the time, weren’t females objectified long before the SR? Definitely not to the extent they are today, but has objectification taken place throughout history? Has anyone here that lived prior to it explain the change they witnessed or experienced?


Good for her. :slight_smile:

I think the language of the linked article and title could have been more clear to avoid being so controversial, but maybe that’s what the editor intended. People who are clear-headed and have better reading comprehension will get the point, but sadly many will read it with extreme bias. The evidence is in the comment section. :frowning:

The irony is how people commented that her husband will leave her soon and even encouraged him to; they don’t see how their comments are exactly what the original article was trying to address.


Yes, females were objectified long before the sexual revolution. People, both male and female, have had their dignity violated, long before the sexual revolution.

Sin existed long before the 60s. The good old days had their own issues.


The sexual revolution was designed to prevent that objectification. It was an overt, and oft-repeated goal. However by attacking what was deemed to be patriarchal marriage, feminism has been instrumental in destroying the one institution in society in which women were not being objectified.
Marriage had never really been designed to suit the interests of men, although of course it ends up doing just that when deeper psychological needs are taken into consideration in the long run. Marriage has been designed to protect the interests of women, and the children that they bear, and that they are so intricately connected with through their very biology.
By making marriage less stable and less desirable, feminism has inadvertently led to a woman’s sexual objectification— not just by society but even by her own choice — being a larger part of a woman’s role in society than ever was the case before.

Marriage had served as an antidote for just that problem in society.


Very powerful, thank you.


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