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I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Sally Winn from Feminists for Life speak at my alma mater (Pacific University, OR) last night. She was wonderful. She talked about the 200 year history of pro-life feminism in America and how that has impacted people.

Feminists for Life is a non-partisan group that desires a better choice for women because abortion is violence against the mother and the child. I suggest going to the website, you will get better info there than I can explain.

She made a few important points I thought I’d share:

Feminism is the philosophy of basic rights for all human beings without exception. Feminism rejects the use of force. It core values are: Non-violence, non-discrimination, and equality for all.

According to the president for Feminists for Life, Serrin Foster, “Abortion is a sign that women have been failed by society.”

“While suffragists (worked to) change society to accept women, second wave feminism changed women to accept society.”

This statement is so accurate in regards to the attitudes and behaviors I saw reflected when students asked questions. They did not want to give abortion as a choice because they refused to see that abortion isn’t just about a baby. It’s about the woman, the mother as well. Women get abortions because they do not have the financial support they need and the emotional support the need. It is always about these two factors.

These college students want to engage in sex without consequences because society tells them they can. I can’t stand people who want to make choices and take actions and refuse any consequences (good or bad) that result. They want consequence free choices. Well, that ain’t never going to happen.

These students make me feel just a teeny tiny little bit sorry for them but that’s it. Otherwise, I think a good smack to the head(I’m not proposing violence just sick of the stupidity that seems to be running more rampant on college campuses these days) and reiterating over and over again that they need to think for themselves and that there is more than black and white. There are shades of grey when it comes to making choices. You, repeating back what some ill-informed fruitloop tells you is a ‘choice’ is not going to make me listen to you and it especially won’t make me take you seriously.

These students kept coming up with medical situations where the mother’s life *might * be in danger except that medical science has made leaps and bounds in the last several decades. We’re not living in the Stone Age people. (These were also improbable situations such as the mother unable to give birth but hey why remember we can perform C-sections now and have for years when abortion just gets rid of the “problem”.) (Insert sarcasm) These situations can be dealt with and baby and mother can both live.

I’d thought I’d share and vent a little.

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