Feng Shui and me


I have studied and practiced a type of Feng Shui for many years. Black Sec Tantric Buddhism school. ( Just like different schools of martial arts. Like Black Belt ) The type I practiced did not use the Zodiac or you birthday. I mean, I dont know a thing about Buddhism or any of that stuff. Anyway, I had crystals in certain places in my home to promote harmony and good fortune . I said had. I took them down some years ago for what I felt were Catholic reasons. I miss them.

I would like some opinions. What would say to someone, as an example, who had a pink crystal in one area or a red one in another. Yellow somewhere else. Clear ones in another place. wofs.com/index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=53&task=view&id=296

Its not a religion. Its more like an understanding of the way things behave. To me its like electricity. Really, I don’t understand the force that makes it work. Dont know what makes it happen. I just use it. Same with this.

Whats your take on it.



The question becomes, do you like the way the crystals look or do you believe they hold a particular power?
Feng Shui encourages harmony and simplicity in design. There is nothing contrary to Catholic teaching in that.
The conflict comes in assigning power to a crystal or physical placement of an object. Then it becomes idol worship.


No, not idol worship. That’s or sure. Superstition? Well, Maybe.

No, I don’t have any belief that there is any type of spiritual power of any type that would in some way emanate from a crystal. I have an understanding of it. The crystal and color as well as placement, in certain locations promote harmony. Yes, crystal. Not just any rock. Why? I don’t know. Its just the nature of it. Nature as in “comes from nature” like a thunder storm or a good solid door keeps you safe. The door you can see, the nature of the crystal you can not. Definitely not spiritual, but invisible like electricity.

Am I making sense?


We want to avoid superstition.
Let me use a different example. It is traditional in my family to eat blackeyed peas and cabbage on New Year;s Day. The superstition is that eating a poor man’s meal means prosperity in the new year. If I choose to eat the meal based on superstition with the expectation of a prosperous year, than I have given into superstition. On the other hand, I may choose this meal as a traditional commemoration of the new year trusting that God will take care of my needs. Again, it is a matter of where you place your focus.
I can choose to join my meal with those who live in poverty. Is that not how previously superstitious practices, like the Christmas tree, have been Christian meaning? Who doesn’t like the smell of pine?


This is superstition, and as it originates from Buddhism, is not compatible with Catholicism. Get rid of the crystals. If you want harmony, begin praying and reading the Scriptures. Have your home enthroaned to the Sacred Heart. This will create real harmony within your home. I would advise you to stay away from any New Age/Eastern Mysticism. Cleave to Christ and his Church.


It is interesting you mention electricity. My daughter when she holds her hand over certain crystals can feel a a sensation of something like mild electricty.

I have some crystals in my home but I just use them around the bases of some candles to look pretty.

God may have created certain plants and other things in nature for healing purposes, however true spiritual healing comes through Christ.

If you have relied on your crystals in the past I can see why you might be missing them. But it is important to work out what you needed them for. If you relied on them in a spiritual sense, then maybe you need to aim more towards the Holy Spirit and Christ now.

My son loves crystals. He wants me to buy him one of those big ones with a light in it, and I am going to one day when I get around to it. I think crystals are very lovely, but I don’t use them nor rely on them for my peace and spritual happiness. I used to think they gave my home a sense of ambience at one stage, then I slowly replaced that with religious statues and icons.

Look upon them as something beautiful that God has created, that might make areas of your home look nice, and practice just being with Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I like having lighted candles around my house. Like having the light of Christ to gaze and meditate on. Maybe you could place some of those crystal candle holders around and light some candles and focus on the light of Christ and the ambience he can give you in your interior and soul.


Feng Shui is more then just placement. Feng Shui is a Chinese spiritual system (yes pritual system and there are masters who understand the sublties of this system) The whole purpose of feng shui is to form your home and the furniture that goes in the home so as to bring you more prosperity, happiness, health, peace. This is done by manipulating the energy that enters and flows through the house. There is a whole metaphysical science about it. So, does that flow with Christian teaching ? I will let you be the judge.

God bless,



Exactly. It’s not merely physical or natural energy feng shi practitioners are manipulating (unlike electricity) but spiritual and psychic energy that they believe to be contained within natural objects - mirrors, crystals, water, doorways and windows and the like. They do this in order to, as stated, bring about metaphysical ends like prosperity, health and peace for the inhabitants of whatever building or other space they’re organising.

It’s no different to ‘white’ witchcraft in that respect, which likewise as part of its practice attempts to harness the spiritual forces contained within nature and natural objects to produce specific metaphysical ends.

Catholicism teaches us that there is ONE spiritual, psychic or metaphysical force capable of producing happiness, prosperity, peace or any other metaphysical end you care to name - God Himself - and no others, so feng shui is superstition and totally incompatible with Catholicism.


To the original poster, what youre describing is superstition. There is no good and natural “energy” to harness anywhere. Acupuncture depends sometimes, as to whether the practitioner does it to “change energy paths” or Meridian lines or whatever related vs to create endorphin surges to alleviate pain. Catholics believe that the doctor who uses medicine as a healing tool relies on real natural things (eg. Tylenol, medicine, physical surgery, etc.) but that all energy/spiritual healing not conducted by prayer to Jesus Christ is superstition and not allowed. Those things might appear to work; I know how spiritual surgery is and have heard of actual pain healed from it. These are occult dark forces at work here, and the pain might go away temporarily, but it will return back with force somewhere else. Thats how the devil works, and the Bible illustrates this clearly.

Get rid of the crystals properly, read Scripture, pray to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, check out reading on occult vs Catholicism , and sycretism to see the error in your current ways of thought.

Nature can not be harnessed in some energy fashion; only God’s power should be prayed for. The flaw in superstition is the worst of all sins, pride and lack of humility.



It’s best to avoid Feng Shui, Y3. Belief in and/or the practice of Feng Shui is a sin against the first commandment.


I guess I see only nays and no yays!!!

I would say from what I have read, your understanding of Black Sect Feng Shui is in most cases wrong, but, in the big picture, good enough to make a proper judgment on the issue. Thank you for your advice and there is no good reason for you to know more than you need to stay away.

A few years ago, I was reading the Bible. King David asked why he would burn incense to the mountain gods, when he could burn incense to the God who created the mountains. That did it for me. The crystals went into a box. Yes, I was afraid of our jealous God. I wasn’t sure and am still not, but cant take the chance. It very well may be an offense against the First Commandment.

Still, when I walk into a home, my Feng Shui eyes just work on automatic pilot searching out the good and the bad although I never talk about it.


Look upon them as something beautiful that God has created, that might make areas of your home look nice, and practice just being with Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I like having lighted candles around my house. Like having the light of Christ to gaze and meditate on. Maybe you could place some of those crystal candle holders around and light some candles and focus on the light of Christ and the ambience he can give you in your interior and soul.

This is the way I look at it. Crystal candle holders diffuse light and soft music can produce a calming effect in the home.
While it is not the same, I like how the light comes through the stained glass window of my church.
God gave us beautiful things, whether crystals or flowers, to enjoy. Where we need to be careful is allowing those created things to become the force that directs our life.


my sister is into crystals in a big way (left the Church behind years ago, another story) and is very earnest about which color hangs in each spot and why, what it is good for, and insistant on their powers. She is quick to criticize me for my superstitious use of a crystal rosary for prayer, however.


Proud of you, good job and keep it up! Destroying the crystals is best thing you can do; remove all mental ties you can and beliefs you might bring it back, because you won’t. It’s like an old flame; just remove all the reminders in order to truly get over it. It won’t happen over night, as you can see that you still look for feng shui whenever you go to a house, but it will go away if you continue to see that its wrong what you’re doing and you continue to do it less and less.



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