Fergie and Josh Duhamel baptize their baby


It’s good to see that there are some celebrities who still practice their Catholic faith and wish to pass it down to their children. I wish more young people would see Josh and Fergie as role models instead of Kim K or Justin Bieber.

Uhh…Fergie is not a role model…


I might be wrong, but I believe that Fergie converted back to Catholicism a few years ago and is faithfully married in the Church - she is frequently pictured going to Church on Sunday. So I wouldn’t judge, although of course it is hard to believe that she is very orthodox given her stage antics and such. But let’s give her the benefit of doubt!


Wow… I had no clue Fergie was Catholic.

But yay, these are great news, our family has a new member. God bless them :slight_smile:

I don’t care if she’s pictured going to church or not. Her behavior in public puts her firmly in the ‘not a role model’ category for most parents, regardless of religion.

I’m always very skeptical of celebrities who act like, well, drug addicted prostitute millionaires on stage and in the public eye, but who make it a point to be photographed at church.

Well I hope that’s the case and that’s great for her, but if that makes her a role model then so is Robert Mugabe. Probably about 0.0001% of people know her for knowing to Church, and 99.99% of people know her for songs like “Ferglicious”. That dosen’t mean she is a bad person, but a role model? I doubt it. The Saints are role models. Pope Francis is a role model.

What’s her public behavior like? I find the BEP songs catchy, but don’t know anything about them otherwise.

Yep, Fergie…meth user, body-flaunting, role model. If she would publicly renounce her past behavior and proclaim Jesus, then I might see that. But it is easy to look religious and act in another way.

Don’t you think you are being uncharitable to her? I don’t even want to throw the “cast the first stone” speech because I know most people actually wouldn’t like to hear that.

What I challenge you to heartily reflection, is if whether you are part of her parish, if you know the personal demons she is facing outside the public eyes, does she confess her sins, are you better then her, will your words actually reach her or you just putting her down publicly, and what about non-celebrities who live worse or as her, would you reach to them, would you use the words you used here, have you approached them at all?

Again, this is not any attack on you and I hope it doesn’t sound so, but just some questions that I seriously ponder before voicing my thoughts about my neighbour. If I can’t find the answers, I will keep silence and prayer for the person. God bless You

Fergie’s been open about her past addiction to drugs - she even said in interviews a few years ago with Oprah that it was God who saved her from her addiction to crystal meth.

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