Ferguson Effect 2.0 in Inner Cities


Agreed. We wanted to avoid the kind of bloodshed associated with protests as sometimes occurs.

But all of this getting rid of law and order is nuts.

“Hands up, don’t shoot!” If we say it enough, people will believe it happened even though it didn’t. Then when they refute it, we can call them a racist and justify our rioting, looting, and burning down crap we don’t own.

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Destroying the very communities they should be protecting.

I have come to believe that with these high crime inner cities, we place to much emphasis on the use of police force to control crime. The police play an important part in maintaining order, but there is only so much that the police can do when most fathers are absent in raising kids, and public schools provide lousy education.

Larry Elder has a new movie out that looks into others ideas to improve black American’s lives that live in high crime inner cities. It would be nice if some of his ideas were tried. Here is a video on his new film called “Uncle Tom” ~

“The Reviews Are in: ‘Uncle Tom’ is a Hit! | Larry Elder”


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