Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in talks to resign; grand jury decision nears



Looks like some folks in Ferguson [St Louis] area are getting fired up again.
I don’t think it’s right for the police officer involved in this shooting to resign
if he is acquitted. I feel this way because whether he quits or not I believe
there will be lots of trouble in Ferguson when the grand jury disbands.

Things in Ferguson have not really quieted down. I think there has not been
a lot of news coverage and this has possibly helped keep violence at bay.

I also read the FBI is sending agents to St Louis (abcnews.go.com/US/fbi-sends-100-agents-ferguson-ahead-grand-jury/story?id=27084669), so perhaps
the FBI is concerned about trouble too.

This may become a real mess. Any other thoughts about this matter?


Well one thing that may work in favor of a peaceful solution is the fact that the protesters haven’t been able to bring out the numbers they’d hope for. Usually they;ve numbered in the hundreds rather than the thousands.


I can’t imagine Officer Wilson being able to survive long in Ferguson, or perhaps anywhere in St. Louis. I guess he would be safe from the locals in South St. Louis and in some parts of the County. But sooner or later some firebrand would find him in a vulnerable situation somewhere. Maybe if he changed his name, grew a beard and moved to Willow Springs???


Good point. I had considered this too.
I agree with you this officer remaining in the St Louis area would be
very difficult. Heck, he’s been on administrative leave since this
incident occurred.

Would take a very courageous man to remain in St Louis if verdict is not guilty.
I hope he does. As you mention it will be hard for this officer anywhere in US.
It is not fair to him. What a cross to carry.


Yeah, his career as a law enforcement officer is over. It’s a shame he really can’t do anything about those who did their best to profit from this by spinning/ignoring what actually happened.


My thought is that if I see “grand jury decision nears” one more time I am going to spew. I think it was about two weeks ago that this particular hype started.


It is a sad commentary on our Nation,that this officer has been crucified by Al Sharpton,Obama,Eric Holder,all the usual suspects,because the victim was black.They refuse to look at the situation objectively,their knee jerk response is always race Yet they look the other way and ignore the rampant black on black crime occurring on a daily basis.:frowning:


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