Ferguson violence broke the mold in three ways — one of which is just unfolding now



Monday night’s reaction to a grand jury’s decision not to indict the Ferguson police officer who killed an unarmed young black man in August consisted of peaceful protest in some places and vandalism and looting in others — a burst of violence so widely and persistently predicted that it seemed as much self-fulfilling prophecy as organic expression of rage.

Spontaneous or organized, riots have sporadically pierced the social compact through two and a half centuries of this country’s struggles over equality and opportunity. But August’s violence in Ferguson broke the mold in three important ways — one of which is just unfolding now. These were rare suburban riots, racial violence coming to the very place where many Americans — both white and black — had fled after the urban unrest of the 1960s. These were the most significant explosions of racial frustration since the election of the nation’s first black president, and so Ferguson forced the country out of the fantasy that America had entered a “post-racial” era.

Finally, what distinguishes Ferguson from the crowded historical catalogue of racially-motivated street violence is what has happened in recent weeks: The unseemly buildup to the announcement of the grand jury’s conclusion that no crime was committed in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has produced an expectation of ugliness. What occurred Monday night — and may continue in the days ahead — is rioting as planned event, so pervasively predicted, so extensively prepared for as to obscure the power and meaning of the protests.


I am not sure how your post relates to Catholicism. I can go to Drudge or some other reactionary source to get the news. Can we keep this place Catholic?


Amazing, the Washington Post has some interesting graphics of the scene linked from the story, I was trying to get my bearings on what happened. The officer was in an SUV-type of vehicle. I will see if the link goes to the illustrations and edit if not.



I don’t follow the news much. I’m not sure if that’s good, bad, or indifferent, but I would like to know from those informed if they think justice was served. And along that line, if there was any real way, as far as video footage goes or eye witness testimony to prove what actually did happen at the scene.

All the time in our society, justice is not found in the courts, but we do know as Catholics that in the end justice is had by all.


Well, this is the world news forum :shrug:

Also, as Catholics – well, speaking as a mom and a teacher – we are in the world, though not of it. I think it is completely appropriate for us to bring our Catholic thought to discussions of world events.

Just my two cents’…

Regarding the OP, I have to agree that the incessant news coverage of officials in the Ferguson area preparing for “possible violence” actually had a role in creating the violence.

Is racism dead? Not on your life! But since I cannot control the thoughts, feelings, actions of others, I need to be ever-vigilant regarding my own. There is a need for reflection here for all of us, not just those participating in the violence.


God bless you!



This thread seems to be dealing with the question of the evidence the grand jury used to come to their decision.





What I don’t understand is that if the police was so well-prepared for possible rioting and looting, as Gov. Nixon stated they were, why were there virtually no police officers at the scene of the looting and burning of stores according to reporters who were there? Could this have been intentional on the part of the local administration?


The Ferguson Police force consists of a grand total of 54 officers. They were overwhelmed. I was actually listening to the police scanner and, despite what some locals and media claimed, the police did try to respond to looting. The instance that sticks out in my mind is an officer reporting looting at ToysRUs and requesting backup. 5 minutes later another officer reported that in that in that space of time 100 civilian cars had rolled into the parking lot and all units present were ordered to “retreat.” At roughly the same time, another 100 looters were reported as raiding a Walgreens. They may have thought that they were prepared but its possible they were only expecting a handful or maybe a few dozen looters not the hordes that were actually roving around Ferguson that night.


I also heard that at some point there were random gun shots being fired calling for more police back up than expected.


Ferguson riots–characterized as “protests” until the weight of white guilt imploded the designation–was SOCIALLY ENGINEERED…for decades! This is the “progressive” chaos, with “progressive” being defined by '30’s-era Bella Dodd, Communist Party USA lawyer-turned-Catholic, as a Communist with a degree. Hillary Clinton openly called herself a progressive, a perfect exemplar of the elitist control freak. Bella fled the CPUSA after organizing the teacher’s union, infiltrating 1,100 unfit seminarians into the Catholic Church, and then noting that the New York banksters and the New York CPUSA leadership were bosom buddies united in their intent to enslave humanity.

So the SOCIAL ENGINEERS have been put to use with lessons learned from the Tavistock Institute (linked to the Tasmanian slasher), adapted to FEMA through dictator-loving Samuel P. Huntington under dictator-hugging (Hugo Chavez) Jimmy Carter; there more to study tragedy than to aid, all to learn how to manipulate human beings, exactly which strings to pull on the puppets, which wave of the hat to turn the stampeding herd. Why? Rahm Emmanuel explains, **“You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.” **

And what better way to have that crisis to exploit than to create crisis on your own? It’s just like the Treasury printing reams of funny money to underwrite government economic manipulation. The Department of Justice was sued by JUDICIAL WATCH and it was revealed that the DOJ sent down protest organizers to Florida on our tax dollars to lobby via mob rule for George Zimmerman’s indictment. Any reason to think this didn’t happen at Ferguson?!? There’s not only the creation of more cash for bureaucrats in a long, drawn out trial; the dice are loaded. Doesn’t this amount to pre-tainting the jury pool?

This “protest” is SOCIALLY ENGINEERED NATION BUILDING like the Muslim Spring. There the Google guy was plugging in flash mobs in Egypt just as the push of a button triggered flash mobs who swarmed Toys 'R Us en masse. “Burn, baby, burn!” takes on a whole new meaninglessness.

The Benghazi strategy was at play, with a pre-planned mob allowed to sweep over the target, and troops being told to stand down. The National Guard mobilized by Demo-Governor Jay Nixon was also immobilized by Governor Nixon, and never in the immediate vicinity of Ferguson with the announced Grand Jury finding of “no bill.” They national guard was camping out in front of the Budweiser plant…They were lounging in front of distant fire stations, and guarding the airport.

Imagine Governor Jay is in his “Thinker” pose pondering, “Should we announce the finding at 3:00 in the afternoon when finalized; or should we wait until NIGHTFALL!?!” It is more lucrative to have fires burning at night to insure more visual bang for the buck for higher ratings for news coverage. Barack the Famous seared his new persona into the American psyche with split-screen graphics showing the fires of Ferguson beside a President with new-found street cred that dispels his effeminate granny-jeans-wearing rich kid persona for more, more, more political mileage.

Now America is primed for Sharia law, letting Muslim communities do their own vigilante-style policing so the houses of rich supporters–the richest demographic being homosexuals–can be left with their belongings in peace because the Imam allows cutting off the hands of thieves. The presaging increment is evidenced in Detroit, with the police saying they can’t respond to calls, do it yourself.

And the flagship of D.O.O.P., the NIMBUS, lands on the White House lawn [FUTURAMA] and off-loads a few million discount “visiting workers” who disenfranchise citizens by tax exemptions amounting to savings to employers averaging $3,000 per annum over homeys/voting blocs. This Judas Goat has played us all for suckers in a game plan that is decades old, and worthy of Demo-prez Woodrow Wilson’s establishment of a segregated civil service. Only now all low-skill workers will be segregated and voting themselves benefits and dictators with a final push, not fall, over the economic edge that will knock guts out faster than Ebola. Bravo, New World!

“If my people who are called by My name will humbly pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I Myself will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

Victorious Immaculate Heart, Blessed Virgin Mary pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed, expose all thoughts; cleansing them in the fire of love which is your divine Son, Jesus Christ’s Sacred Heart. AMEN

Say, “AMEN” somebody!


I have to say that my sympathy for the loss the Brown family suffered was greatly diminished by their actions. It is hard for me to view them as the innocent victims in grief when they so callously are willing to see others victimized in retaliation. I would love to see the store owners attempt to claim damages against the family and all others who they can show encouraged this rioting.


But the family of Michael Brown explicitly called for peace, not violence, so that their son’s killing would not be in vain. Why punish them?





There seems to be a disconnect between the words of Michael Brown’s stepfather, who called for burning the stores, and Michael Brown, Sr., who called for peace and said the family wanted to make a difference rather than merely noise. I don’t know if Brown’s mother made a specific comment in this regard.


Yea, I was also confused at first until I realized they were 2 different people.


Wasn’t the national guard called in?


Supposedly, after the looting and burning already took place. However, Gov. Nixon claims he called in 700 of the National Guard on Monday before the violence and another 1500 on Tuesday as a back-up after the violence occurred. It appears virtually EVERYTHING about this case is unclear.


I’m really surprised in today’s day and age that every patrol car in the U.S. is not set up with a 360 degree highly sophisticated audio and video recording system to take in every incident that occurs when an officer makes some intervention.

Surely it’s feasible for between $5 and $10 K per squad car.


It’s been feasible for years to have a recording device on every officer, let alone every police vehicle. I would imagine that it isn’t the tech that is stopping us from doing this, but governmental red tape, governmental budgets, and push back from law enforcement support and civil rights (especially the ones that view the police as just another arm of “big brother”) organizations.

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