Fertility and Motherhood

What would be good saints to pray with for a baby, when it seems so unlikely? Thank you.

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Sarah, Elizabeth and Zecheriah.


In addition to Sarah, Elizabeth and Zachariah, there are a bunch of “fertility saints”.
They’re listed in this blog post here.

My mother had a big devotion to St. Gerard Majella for all things pregnancy-related. I think he was popular in Canada and my mother lived near the border and had a Canadian mum.

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My mother also ,TB. She had a St Gerard relic she gave me to wear through pregnancies also.


Our priest has told us more than once of a couple from our parish that conceived after drinking the Theophany water, which is known for healing.

(On Theophany, we don’t simply bless the water, as with Holy Water, but it is consecrated with an epiclesis. We both drink it there and many of us bring it home).

Perhaps attend next Theophany at an EC parish.


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I just heard on Journey Home on EWTN tonight this woman prayed a prayer to “Dear Lady in blue…” It was to the Blessed Mother and she (the woman on TV) was trying to adopt when the folks at the top had just said NO. I don’t have the prayer… Anyway in one weeks’ time the folks at the top changed their minds. The adoption went through. I know you are probably not trying to adopt, but still the Blessed Mother is a good person to ask for help…

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This might be the answer to the concerned party’s prayers. Pope Paul VI institute for the study of human reproduction.

We were trying for 9 months to conceive… During that time I also fasted, said my rosary, and prayed to St. Gerard for intervention… I’m happy to say I am 12w4d pregnant. :slight_smile: I’m not saying it’s some kind of magic formula… Everything in God’s time in God’s manner. But, as they say, God helps those who help themselves, and by taking those steps I felt like I was showing God my sincerity… If that makes sense.


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