Fertility App Almost As Effective As Contraceptive Pill In Preventing Pregnancies, Study Finds


Most people use fertility apps to figure out when the best time is to conceive a baby, but it turns out there may be a completely different use for it - contraception.

The ‘Natural Cycles’ fertility monitor has unexpectedly proven to be as effective as the contraceptive pill at preventing unwanted pregnancies in a new study.

It predicts and identifies a woman’s fertile window by tracking her period and predicting her ovulation day.





In that case NFP may have just become a whole lot easier.




Thank you for sharing that article.:slight_smile: While the author certainly presents a very 'pro-contraception" viewpoint, I’m happy to read a news story from the Huffington Post that acknowledges that fertility awareness methods are effective and that shares about technology through an app to make it more user-friendly.

The article presents some good reasons (without ever mentioning religion) for using fertility awareness instead of the pill. Daily use of artificial hormones to avoid pregnancy by women who otherwise choose to eat organic, hormone-free foods strikes me as ironic. It makes perfect sense that more women in secular culture find fertility awareness attractive, and as it becomes easier to implement. through things like this app, more may turn to it instead of contraception. The reporter may have sensed that too, and she changed the topic from reporting about a scientific study on the effectiveness of a fertility app, to end the story with promoting the pill, implants and iuds. But the article started out good, and it made me aware of a study and an app that I wasn’t yet aware of until I read this article. I’m grateful for that and to the op for sharing!


It’s nice to see a study provide evidence of effectiveness for something which could be used as part of NFP.


So if it is 100% effective in identifying exactly when sex is ‘safe’ from the burden of conception - where does it cross the line to being contraception ?


If there are as this article calls, “just reasons”, to space pregnancy, then why couldn’t this app be used as part of NFP? I don’t think it’s 100% effective though, I don’t think anything is.

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