Fertility Awareness for Youth


During the last ten years of teaching fertility awareness, it has come to light that the interval between puberty and adulthood has not been adequately addressed.

Young boys have a completely developed sexual drive at age 17, and girls somewhat later. If they wish to live in a civilized society, they have to control that urge for up to 10 years or more until they find a committed life-long partner. This chaste living calls for sexual self-control and self-mastery.

With the onset of puberty and the awakening of hormonal action in the girl’s body, she will notice other changes taking place, such as her breasts getting larger and her hips getting wider. The growth of pubic and auxiliary hair, a boost to her IQ, and an interest in the opposite sex are also normal. This calls for the practice of the virtue of chastity, which is sometimes called purity and is basically self-control. It is not easy to develop, requiring much discipline, effort, and grace, with the help of modesty of dress.

The careful tracking and observation of the different phases of the normal cycle equips the young girl with an increasing familiarity and awareness of the normal menstrual cycle, and very likely will lead her to using natural family planning (fertility awareness) in her future marriage. After marriage, she will likely start using charts and stamps for more accurate tracking with her husband to space their family in a healthful, effective, and natural way.

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Teaching an unmarried girl to chart is one thing, especially if their is some form of medical consideration to look for. However, teaching a young (high school aged) lady to determine fertility and infertility from a chart can easily make her a highly effective fornicator. The way that we are going to get more couples to use NFP is through using it ourself as parents, teaching a long run virtues based sex ed (see New Corinthians Curriculum) and requiring it at the marriage prep level. We really need to focus on what the values are, courting and not modern idea of dating (aka serial monogamy).

I just think it is dangerous to teach a young lady how to determine fertility and infertility when she should have no need to know it.

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Dear Mathew,
Thank you for answering my new approach to Fertility Awareness
for youth, I am sorry for my long delay in replying but I was in
England at a family funeral.
I fear I did not explain my “New Approach” too well regarding the
education I wish to pass on to girls especially about the mysterious
sequence of events that occur in the menstrual cycle and I did not
mean to imply that this education calls for the use of charts and
stamps during the developing years from Menarche (first menses)
to full physical maturity.
No, since young girls are usually attracted to jewelry, I designed
an adjustable bracelet of coloured beads, threaded in such a fashion
that each bead is advanced each day independantly of the next
bead. Starting out with the red beads the girl can advance one
beads each day of menstruation, anything from 3 to 8 is considered within normal limits but an average of 5.
Next the girl advances one green bead observing the symptom
of dryness and infertility. This cycle phase varies in length
depending on the overall length of the cycle and averages about
5 in a 28 day cycle. This variation is usually more extreme during
the first 60 cycles of the girl’s menstrual life of developement.
This fact is explained in detail in Dr. Rudolph Vollman’s book
" The Menstrual Cycle" where he points out that the Uterus is
the size of a plum at puberty but 60 cycles later it has grown to
the size of a pear or the woman’s fist and now considered mature.
This is a simple medical reason why a girl should wait until her
uterus is mature before considering marriage and engaging in
marital sexual union because only then can she be sure her
baby will get the necessary nourishment in the womb. Young
girls love babies and this message alone would encourage her
to act responsibly and wait 'till marriage instead of putting her
baby in jeopardy.
Now the girl experiences a mysterious discharge, referred to
in the old medical books as the White Period and even up to
this day, mothers or family doctors cannot give a logical
explanation for its presence leaving the girl to worry in
anxiety thinking she has some disease. In 1953 Dr J Billings
of Australia was called in by his ArchBishop, Daniel Mannix
of Mellbourne, to help couples to space their families. Being
a Neurologist rather than an Obstetrician he had to do a lot
of research and quickly discovered 98% of the couples involved
in his research program experienced this discharge. Now with
the help of his wife, Dr Evelyn, Drs Brown and Odeblad, scientific
evidence came to light that he could absolutely depend on this
ONE SYMPTOM of mucus to pinpoint the boundaries of the
Fertile Phase of the Cycle. It is a great comfort to the girl to
know that this discharge is normal and a healthy accompanyment
to the fertile phase of the cycle and calls for the advancement
of a white bead each day for approximately 8 days.
Now the girl experieces dryness for the following 12 days
calling for the advancement of the green beads & infertility.
For more information please visit www.nfpcenter.com.

        Anne Fitch-Dececchi,R.N.
        Fitch Fertility Center,


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