Fertility clinic offers parents chance to select eye, hair color

[/FONT]Fertility clinic offers parents chance to select eye, hair color…

[/FONT]Designer Children…**[FONT=Courier New] **

And again the Catholic Church is prophetic…


Sweet spirits of camphor! Hasn’t the mess that breeders have made in breeding dogs made it clear to anyone who’d care to look that people aren’t very good at designing organisms? That, plus comodification of children implicit in any such effort, should be enough to make anyone flee from the attempt.



Oh well, in that case, I would like my child with blue eyes, dark hair, hold the fat, extra intelligence, and a side of freckles. How much will that cost?

Also in the article:

Meanwhile, new legislation in the UK, due to come in on 6 April, will allow IVF mothers to name anyone as “father” on the birth certificate - even another woman.

Supposedly Copenhagen is the sperm donation capital of the world. A lot of folks go for blonde hair and blue eyes.

I saw the Dr. who supports this on Oreilly and he said that in countries than banned genetic screening you see retarted people like they didn’t diserve to be alive. I have come to believe that it is the people on the left who are biggots.

Hitler may have lost the war but his ideology continues on.

Check out what’s rotten in Denmark:


The efforts of the men of Arhus, Odense and Copenhagen have helped to engender an estimated 12,000 children around the world, and each year “the Danish stuff” brings forth some 1,400 more.

… at that rate …how soon will Danish take over the world?

Well, with the totalitarianism in China, they are running out of females! All that stuff about preferring male children is having a bad effect 20 years later.

What part of “Too many hands in the pot spoils the soup” don’t people understand?

Too true

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