Fertility Clinics Destroy Embryos All the Time; Why Not Go After These Clinics?

Lately across social media, I’ve seen this op ed in the Washington Post making the rounds.

The article posits that since people and politicians are picketing abortion clinics, making appeals to defund places like Planned parenthood, and bringing laws restricting such to the legislature… why aren’t these same people doing anything about the thousands of unwanted embryos from IVF clinics that are killed and destroyed?

My answer to these critics who seem to think that pro-lifers aren’t consistent in the views, would be that many lament such things happening. There are many people that adopt the embryos. Also, I would think that abortion clinics ONLY destroy embryos, they are not preserved, where as the principal intention of a fertility clinic is not to kill embryos but to implant them. Abortion clinics cannot make that claim. Some examples I found of outrage at IVF clinics are seen here:



Also, it seems that some people are indeed encouraging their State Representatives and Senators to take action via the Assisted Reproductive Technology Disclosure and Risk Reduction Act:


However, I can’t find any evidence that any state representatives or senators have used this template or a variation of it through my searches. So my question to all of you is, how do you respond? Is there something illogical about the position of spending so much effort on abortion clinics, but not as much “effort” on IVF clinics that destroy embryos? How would you respond to this author, and please, cite sources.

I think people just aren’t generally aware.

And a big reason for that is that so-called women’s rights isn’t on the docket with IVF, so it gets ignored by those who use the issue as a political bludgeon.

Now that I know about it, I will write to my representatives asking them to safeguard these lives as well, and I encourage others to do the same. :thumbsup:

Without the guidance of the infallible nature of the Church, non-Catholic Christians have been led to embrace error in moral thinking, including embracing IVF as a moral good.

The Church, of course, teaches IVF and other reproductive technologies that remove reproduction from the marital embrace are morally wrong, always. The destruction of embryos is an additional moral wrong compounding the first one.

The Church teaches clearly and unambiguously on this topic, and Catholic pro-life groups have attempted many times to put forward a personhood amendment which would impact both abortion AND assisted reproductive technologies.

Non-Catholic are confused when defending a process as morally good while simultaneously ignoring that the logical outcome of that process is morally bad. It is primarily these non-Catholic Christians who defend IVF.

Yes, their thinking is confused and wrongheaded.

It is indeed a schizophrenic approach, and a result of inconsistent moral teaching about our sexual faculties and right and wrong use of them-- all such moral ills stem from acceptance of the separation of the ends of marriage, rejected by non-Catholics about 100 years ago.

Viva Casti Connubii. Viva Humanae Vitae. Viva Donum Vitae. Viva Dignitas Personae.

It comes down to a matter of resources, and in determining which is the greater evil we need to focus on. Both are equally evil from a a moral standpoint, but IVF causes far fewer deaths than abortion, so we focus on abortion first. The other reason abortion gets the greater amount of attention is a matter of intentions. With abortion, the direct intent is to murder a living child. With IVF, the intent is to bring a child into the world, with a side effect being that several children are left in suspended animation indefinitely or killed.

There are pro-life groups focusing on IVF, but ultimately abortion is the more immediate and deadly evil, so that’s where the greatest focus goes. There are, sadly, only so many pro-lifers, with only so much time to go around. It’s a sad state that we have to pick one evil of many to focus on, but that is the reality of our fallen culture. If time, money and people weren’t an obstacle, you’d see just as large a push to end IVF as you do abortion.

Many persons are saying the IVF procedure should not be done. Among them are Catholics and Right to Life advocates.

One reason IVF should be illegal is because extra embryos are created and eventually many are disposed without being allowed to come to term.

Besides having the life terminated, the embryos are victims of false reasoning: that they are going to be disposed of anyway, so we might as well use them for scientific research. But if the embryos had not been created in the first place, they wouldn’t be available.

Another problem concerning IVF is that embryos are being identified and discarded on the basis of genetic problems such as Down syndrome. As DNA becomes easier to analyze, the number of monitored diseases will rise, feeding a growing cultural mindset of eugenic “perfectionism” where no defect is allowed.

IVF is included in the Right to Life of Michigan Policy Statements, where it can be found with another technology, Human Cloning: rtl.org/aboutus/policystatements.html .

The Catechism of the Catholic Church acknowledges that sterility brings great suffering (2374) but states that only respect for the link between the conjugal act and respect for the unity of the human beings makes procreation in conformity with human dignity possible (2377):
usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catechism/catechism-of-the-catholic-church/epub/index.cfm .
A USCCB Reproductive Technology resource page is here:
usccb.org/issues-and-action/human-life-and-dignity/reproductive-technology/index.cfm .

I have written a fictional mystery book,* Biotech Swirl*, about this and other biotechnology issues. Though fiction may not seem serious, it attempts to give perspective and warn of dangers. The link for this FREE BOOK is:
womanatwell.blogspot.com/p/biotech-swirl.html .

I do believe all persons are precious to God and He keeps track of us all.

Thank you. Aborted human beings and embryos that are thrown out are considered “medical waste.” IVF is wrong and killing embryos for research is wrong.


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