Fertility drugs?

An atheist friend of mine said this

“My wife and I did Catholic Camp. I asked them why Birth Control was bad, but Fertility Drugs are okay. Still waiting on a solid answer for that…”

The catholic church doesn’t support fertility drugs do we? He also said the priest at this camp said we do.

Yes, the Church supports fertility drugs, if that’s all that is being used. What the Church doesn’t support is IVF, which removes the creation of a child from the marital act and generally involves the creation of several human embryos, many of which are frozen or discarded after the process is over. Drugs used to increase sperm count or regulate hormones or things like that are not a problem. I’m not sure I understand your friends’ percieved inconsistancy regarding fertility drugs and birth control. What is the problem with that?

It would probably depend on the fertility drug. In general, though, a fertility drug would be something that restores to the body it’s natural function (fertility). Birth control pills inhibit the body’s natural function. That is an important distinction.

My guess is that the friend sees it as two different drugs that both mess with a person’s fertility should either both be accepted or both be rejected.

Then the person is really confused about the reasons birth control is rejected because it is obvious that none of them apply to fertility drugs. Sounds like another swing through Catholic camp is in order.

Simply and we’ll put.

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