Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being'

Dr Panayiotis Zavos will be online from 10am BST to answer questions about his controversial work
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A controversial fertility doctor claimed yesterday to have cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women who had been prepared to give birth to cloned babies.

The cloning was recorded by an independent documentary film-maker who has testified to The Independent that the cloning had taken place and that the women were genuinely hoping to become pregnant with the first cloned embryos specifically created for the purposes of human reproduction.

Panayiotis Zavos has broken the ultimate taboo of transferring cloned embryos into the human womb, a procedure that is a criminal offence in Britain and illegal in many other countries. He carried out the work at a secret lab-oratory, probably located in the Middle East where there is no cloning ban. Dr Zavos, a naturalised American, also has fertility clinics in Kentucky and Cyprus, where he was born. His patients – three married couples and a single woman – came from Britain, the United States and an unspecified country in the Middle East.


Dear God :crossrc:

Here’s hoping that the claim turns out to be bogus like the organisation in France (I think) that claimed to have cloned humans some years back.

Another person who thinks he’s better than God? :frowning: What is this world coming to?

Whether this guy does it or someone else does it is irrelevant, someone will do it.

Just another test for us. Just another reason to believe in Jesus Christ and to “Trust in Him”!
Just another reason to believe in His Catholic Church, which has told us this was coming and that **this is a grave evil.
**Only God can create life, and all life is precious, but when we murder 50 million innocent babies, 1/3 of the present generation, who can blame God for bringing this test upon us, since we have failed all of the previous tests so miserably!!!
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I like this snippet from their FAQ:

Q. Why is this such a controversial thing to do?

A. Studies on animal cloning have shown time and time again that it is unsafe. The cloned animals suffer a higher-than-normal risk of severe developmental problems and the pregnancies often end in miscarriage. Mainstream scientists believe cloning is too dangerous to be used on humans.

Not even a mention about objections from the “religious right wing” who don’t like the whole idea of playing God? That’s really not a concern at all, not controversial I guess.

Some people just don’t care. Like how half of America didn’t care when the Supreme Court played God way back in 1973.

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