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My son is now a little over a month old and hubby and I are eager to ‘snuggle’ again, but I haven’t learned nfp yet. The reason for this is that we were originally planning to just let the next one happen on God’s time, without trying or preventing. We’ve now decided that it would be best to postpone, because of how difficult pregnancy was on me, because of the financial difficulties we are having right now, because of both our stress levels, and because I am suffering from depression and am, sadly, HATING motherhood right now :(.

I’m not sure where we’ll find the time or money to take classes, and I’m worried about effectively I’ll be able to use nfp in this postpartum period and while breastfeeding. So this may be a stupid question, I haven’t really looked into any of this yet, but is it possible to prevent conception using those drugstore fertility/ovulation monitors? That seems easier than all this stuff I read about taking temps and monitoring mucous, etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this, so I’m guessing there’s a reason it shouldn’t be relied upon to prevent? Anybody? :shrug:

I might not have the time to reply again in this thread, so thanks in advance, I love this forum!


Those drugstore ovulation prediction kits aren’t intended to prevent pregnancy, and since you’d keep buying a new kit every month in the hopes that it would work for you to try to keep track of ovulation, you would have already spent the cost of an NFP course during those couple of months.

Check with your parish or diocese about any assistance they can give you to help offset the cost of an NFP course. You can even do a home-study course on your own time for a few minutes each day. It’s really not that hard to learn or use, and it’s pretty effective when done correctly. After the initial cost of the course, all you need is a good basal thermometer, and some courses actually include them.

Since you’re still postpartum, it may be a little difficult to read your cycles properly. But on the flipside, being postpartum could also throw off the results of an ovulation prediction kit just as well.

See what you can do about enrolling in a home-study NFP course. You’ll be so glad you did! And motherhood will grow on you; just give it more time. My DS was/is a high-needs baby, so he has been sort of difficult to manage at times. But your little Joshua will get older and you’ll love being a mommy!


Cost should not prevent you from getting the help you need. Our NFP practitioner offered the training to those who couldn’t afford it for free. We even offered to ‘sponsor’ a couple that couldn’t afford it because we believe NFP is a positive thing. Reach out, be not afraid.

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You should probably do what you can to learn a method that does not need an ovulation monitor. I use Marquette model with the ClearBlue Easy Fertility MOnitor…however, they are very clear that the monitor does not work reliably for women who are breastfeeding… The Sympto-Thermal Method recommends you rely mostly on mucous observations while breastfeeding and apply a certain rule about at least 3 dry days in a row or something…anyway, I would imagine you probably shouldn’t try to rely on ovulation prediction kits or things like that.

Congratulations on your blessing!!


Please google Marquett Model of NFP. It uses the clear blue easy monitor. You can probably google how to use it. It is pricey, about 125 dollars. Some parishes help with the cost. Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling (regarding your sadness) sometimes they can be of a resourse. Alot of women experience postpartum depression and it can be helped, but you have to talk to your doctor. And Pray!


Yes, Marquette Model uses the Clear Blue monitor. There are other NFP monitors too, the Ladycmp/Babycomp( one I’ve personally used) and the Ovacue. Both are more expensive initially than the Clear Blue, but over time pay off compared to the CB because of the continued cost of buying test strips. If you are going to going to use them over the course of your marriage they are very cost effective, but still a sizable initial investment for most people. If you do want to buy one search a bit, some places online offer payment options. You can also get used ones, but I can vouch for the Babycomp/Ladycomp that it needs to be sent to the manufacturer and reset to be like new and accurate for a new user.


Give this a read, God Bless


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