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My wife and I have been married since Aug. 07 and have been trying to concieve from day one, however after 7 months now, no luck.

We have been following NFP to the Tee and no luck, we were told after 6 months of trying we should look into being tested.

We are wondering does anyone here recommend a good fertility doctor? We want a doctor that will be in line with our Catholic teaching and be aware what we can and can’t do.

We are in the SE (Detroit) area of Michigan. Any advice would be welcome. Weather you know a doctor or not. :o


Can’t help you with the doctor recommendation as I don’t live in that area, but check out the Pregnant or Not? thread in the parenting forum…there are lots of us in your shoes…:slight_smile:

DH and I got married in June 07 and have been ttc since then as well…


Go to:


Dr. Hilgers and NaPro Technology.


Definitely check out the threads like Kevinsgirl mentioned… I know there’s lots of good advice there…

As for my personal experience… we had difficulty conceiving our 2nd… took us 8 months… and same story using charting and NFP.
After 7 months I went to talk to my OB doctor and they gave us a few hints… not sure if they worked or not, but by 8 months we had conceived!

~They started my husband on a prenatal vitamin (yes, it was a “his and hers” prenatal!)… and he mentioned noticing a “difference” (helped stimulate, shall we say :blush:, it was just a vitamin!)…
~If you carry a cell phone… DON’T carry it in your pocket or on your belt! The electro-magnetic waves have been shown to decrease sperm mobility.
~Exercise, start on healthier diets, etc…
~Talk to your wife’s doctor about having her take guaifenesin (active ingredient in Robitussin and Mucinex)… it helps to loose ALL mucous in her body and may help during her ovulation for greater mobility of the sperm to the egg…

Prayers for you!


Out of curiosity - how long is your luteal phase? Short luteal phases can be responsible for infertility in women (i.e. 10 days or fewer).


My wife’s luteal phase is around 11 days.


I’ll respond by PM - medical advice in forums is against the rules.


Ok, I’m sorry to jump in here as we’re not currently trying to conceive, but my luteal phase is always 11 or 12 days. Is that too short? I was under the impression 11 and up was fine and wouldn’t cause fertility problems. Am I mistaken?


Most doctors define infertility as trying without pregnancy for at least a year. So at 7 months you have a little ways more to go. Might not hurt to get a referral for a doctor though if there is some reason to suspect problems such as family history.


During my struggle with infertility, my luteals were 9-12 days. So, technically, according to my NFP book, they were “okay.” It wasn’t until they were 15-17, though, that we achieved pregnancy.

I always thought my luteals were fine, too, but apparently, 9-12 days is insufficient for me. :shrug:


I think 14 days is the more or less perfect length - but longer luteal phases help conceive. 11 or 12 days may make it difficult. I can PM you the advice I gave the OP on how to lengthen the phase (or at least what worked for my wife) if you want it.


I’m a little curious so if you wouldn’t mind I’d appreciate it :smiley: Afterall we will be trying to conceive in about six months and some extra knowledge tucked away never hurts!


Done - anyone else who wants the same advice can feel free to PM me for it. :slight_smile:


I know from personal experience that www.caritascenter.com is a great practice, full gynecologal services. They follow Catholic teaching on fertility and are very knowledgeable on NFP. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are out of Ypsilanti and Saline. Check out their mission statement. It’s impressive. I know Warren is a hike, but it might be worth it to get some greater insight from a trustworthy source.


ME!!! My luteal phase used to be 12-13 days long but ever since my miscarriage I have had a 10 day, 2 of 11 days, and the 4th so far I’m at day 9. Please PM me. I’d appreciate it very much!!!


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