Fertility Test



I am new to thi forum and have a question and I wll like members to help me find an answer. My question is as below

What is the position of the Church on fertility test. Does the Church permit her members to undergo such test as seminal analysis which will result in the destruction of the semen used such analysis. Is this test required from couples intending to marry in the Catholic Church.


Justman, we welcome you to CAF! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your question, and we are happy to pray for you in your concerns and intentions. We’re not encouraged to answer questions in this particular Forum as the rules for Prayer Intentions exclude advice. Could we ask you to post your thoughtful question in another of our forums…Apologetics, Moral Theology might be the best Forum for you to obtain the advice you wish. I hope your mind can be set at rest!

God bless you in everything. We hope to see you around the forums!

Warm regards, Trishie




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