Ok, so I had quite the interesting conversation with my mother tonight. I was listening to EWTN radio in my car today, and I was listening to Fr. John Ricardo say how in-vitro fertilization is morally wrong. When a couple partakes in that, they allow a doctor to propagate a pregnancy, whereas God should be the only one doing that. I brought this up to my mother and I immediately got berated. She told my that those are radical Catholic shows and that she does not agree with that teaching. She tells me that I will change my mind when I am older, most likely. She says her belief doesn’t make her any less Catholic. She feels that birth control is okay, as there needs to be a limit. I don’t know if this is rooted in a lack of knowledge regarding the teachings of the Catholic Church, or just a difference of opinion. How do I deal with this, especially since I want to be a priest?

You acknowledge that you heard your parent speaking, you be respectful of their authority, no ignore what you just heard since you know it is wrong, you pray for your parents and then enter the seminary. Maybe once a priest tells her she is wrong, then she will listen.

Focus YOUR life on God. Make SURE you check out the seminary FIRST before choosing to enter it. You want to be a Priest for God when you are ordained and not a Priest for a man. Choose WISELY.

**EVERY ** Catholic family needs to have its own copy of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church”. You will need it, because you are constantly being bombarded, day in day out, by another Catholic, on some very non-Catholic positions (and also because you said you might become a priest).

When it comes to matters of faith, if you are talking to a fellow Catholic, you can refer to the CCC.

A Catholic can say, “I believe in …in vitro fertilization …it doesn’t make me any less Catholic”. Then, pull your Catechism off the shelf, or go online, and quote the passages that refer to that issue.

Have you ever tried this approach? TRY it! Evidence…quotes…statistics, etc., automatically make you more persuasive.

I have watched people debate all the time on the forum. We get a Catholic on here who says he approves of…abortion, same-sex unions, contraception, and the forum will immediately start saying…in paragraph…22.3…of the CCC…subparagraph…it says…x, y, and z.

To anyone who is truly Catholic serious at all about his faith, that will at the very least, give that person cause for reflection. In some cases, the Catechism can win your argument for you.

In this case, you would turn to **Catechism of the Catholic Church 2377 **and begin reading that to your mother. If she is truly interested in her faith, she will listen to you. If not, it will give her food for thought and have given you practice in apologetics for the next time!

Are we Catholics not called to be radical against some of the world’s expectations?

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