"Fetal Pain is a Lie"


So this author is saying pro-lifers are a big scam because the fetus doesn’t feel pain until week 24, not week 20? She is bargaining for 4 extra weeks of abortion opportunity? As if if you can kill someone painlessly it’s okay? And by the way, what’s the big lie? In 2010, the Nebraska decision was based on data showing pain to exist somewhere between 18-29 weeks, and her own figure confirms that range as truth.

not that it matters whether its painless or not, that’s so not the point. a life is a life whether people want to admit it or not. i have no idea how people have managed to justify this kind of thing. and let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that a foetus is hypothetically “not alive”. once the egg has been fertilized, the process has begun and with us interfering, we are, taking this right to life. i like people are feel like ostrichs sticking their head in the sand

I like to choose more relaible sources, like gossip and rumor.

The saddest part is when the author speaks of the small child with a heart defect. The parents loved him, and were excited for him, but then killed him after his 20th week…

And then the author uses this as a story of compassion to the child and an example of why we should be allow to kill young children up to 22 weeks, because theoretically his brain isn’t yet connected and …

yes, and i have been told that it would have been more merciful for my parents to abort me because of my disability. not a pleasant to hear, that’s for sure. and definitely not a good feeling to know what you’re in the group of “unwanted children” they’re always talking about. sigh… thank god his wisdom. i consider it a blessing and a miracle that my disability wasn’t detectable and i didn’t have one of those people as parents. so happy to be alive

If somebody punched this so-called “expert” repeatedly in the face, and told him “your pain is a lie” when he pleaded to stop, would he change his tune?
Not that I am in any way advocating violence of any kind.

Oh my!:smiley:

Look up the Goningen Protocol. It’s coming soon, to a theater near you.

It is the result of rendering unto Caesar. If Caesar wants you dead, then obviously you can’t be human!

Good point.


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