Fetal Pain - the facts


There is one issue I am very emotional about, and that is Fetal Pain during abortion. See www.nrlc.org for their factsheet on the excruciating pain felt by babies during 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions. At that stage, the pain receptors are fully developed but the natural pain inhibitors are not, so twisting off their arms and legs as is done in a D&E, or driving a sharp instrument into the brain as is done in a D&X (partial birth abortion) is even MORE PAINFUL than it would be for a born person. It just shows how completely evil abortion is, and how women and girls are duped into abortion. Anesthetic for mother does little or nothing for the unfortunate infant.
Another horrifying fact is that abortion providers are NOT concerned with fetal pain.
How sad that the only touch experienced by many thousands of babies, is that from a cruel hand which causes them indescribable suffering.
Please call your elected representatives, or do something to get the truth out. Write letters to the papers (www.nrlc.org has useful hints on how to write an effective letter).
Remember too GOD is MERCIFUL. There is no sin too large for HIM to forgive! Pray for those abortionists, God wants them to come home.

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