Fetus counts as a victim: Appeals court rules in ‘reprehensible' assault case


GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - A fetus can be considered a victim when the mother is assaulted, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in an Allegan County case called “reprehensible’’ by one of the judges.
Samuel Demetrious Ambrose was convicted of punching his disabled, pregnant girlfriend and holding her head underwater after dumping her out of a wheelchair and into a ditch in southern Allegan County.
Allegan County Circuit Court Judge Kevin W. Cronin sentenced Ambrose to a minimum of four years in prison for the May 2014 assault and witness intimidation. His sentence was lengthened because the judge counted the woman’s unborn child as a second victim.



But if a doctor kills a fetus because a woman asks for it…it’s not a person. I don’t understand this logic.


This is nothing new, from what Ive seen in past cases, if a pregnant woman is murdered, the killer is always charged with 2 counts of murder, so this alone proves the Fed Govt DOES recognize an unborn fetus AS A REAL LIFE, no 2 ways about it.

If the law did not recognize it was a separate life, any defense lawyer could get the 2nd charge dropped easily…cannot convict of murder unless its actually a life heck, they could not even add a murder charge if its not a human life.

They cannot have it both ways, its either a life or it is not.


From the article:

"His sentence was lengthened because the judge counted the woman’s unborn child as a second victim. "

For the victims:
Eternal rest grant them O Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed
Through the mercy of God,
Rest in peace.

And may the man who killed them experience remorse, repent his sins, and be reconciled to our Lord and, ultimately, to the woman and child whom he killed.


Because "choice’, apparently. But I agree, the logic doesn’t make sense to me.


It doesnt make sense.

If its a choice, then why would a mother be charged if she killed her week old baby, or 5 yr old for that matter…its still her child, her choice…?

I can never understand why there is so much public outrage when a parent kills their child, but when abortions happen daily, no one seems to be upset. Shouldnt the liberals be standing up for any woman who kills their child, after all, its still her choice?


I looked this case up, and the woman and her baby apparently survived the attack, thank God.


There is absolutely no way a normal person can grasp the “liberal mindset”. Remember that these hypocrites were spitting on 18 and 19 year old disabled returning Viet Nam vets and calling them 'baby killers", all the while, and still today, preaching that the murder of unborn babies was and is perfectly acceptable. :confused:


Sadly an unwanted baby is called “a choice”, or a clump of cells. A wanted baby is a “victim”.



Many states which impose additional sentences when the unborn child is in the third trimester also outlaw third trimester abortions. This is consistent within their way of thinking.

Many others impose penalties from the time of conception. None of these, that I can see, imply that feticide is destruction of the woman’s property, which might be a logical loophole.

Certainly a difficult question in a world where abortion is legal.


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