feud between benny hinn and joel osteen!

I came across today on YOUTUBE that there is a feud going on between these two Preachers.I couldnt believe how on national TV ,Rev Hinn told his congregation/viewers that he could have punch Mr Osteen,if he was present during the interview made by Piers Morgan recently on CNN.Then,Lakewood church responded accusing Mr Hinn, as a sheep in wolf clothing.Has anybody heard about this matter?Also,CNBC investigated that Mr Hinn ministry is generating $200 million/year and continues to decieve millions of people globally.Just couldnt fathom ,why TBN continues to air his Show!

Not knowing the particulars, it is difficult to comment. Benny Hinn is arrogant and strong-willed and is nothing of the gentleman that characterizes Joel Osteen. If Joel made a negative comment publicly about Benny Hinn, it was none of his business to do so, and perhaps caused an outcry from Hinn.

It is two multi-millionaire TV preachers battling over turf, that should say it all, sad!

Battle of the plastic evangelists! Betcha God wants them to make millions having a cage match on pay per view! :smiley:

I think perhaps you meant it the other way around.

I was thinking something like Celebrity Death Match.
Their hair alone could do all the fighting.




Can you give us the link to the youtube video? I know that Joel Osteen has a habit of going on talk shows and news shows. He is always being asked the questions that liberals asks Christians, like homosexuality and its compatibility with Christianity. Osteen always seems to be caught off guard and never seems to be able to satisfactorily answer the question from an evangelical perspective. He then gets criticized by a lot of evangelicals. Perhaps Benny Hinn is angry over something like this?


Joel Osteen is generally known as a “nice guy”; his doctrinal error is that he tends to take a “life coach” approach and focus on worldly success, with little emphasis on traditional Christian doctrine.

Benny Hinn, on the other hand, is an entirely different proposition. He has visited my country more than once, and I’ve heard some rather unpleasant stories about the sort of things that go on at his so-called “revivals”. He also promotes a fraudulent approach to faith healings that even his fellow Protestants are embarrassed by.

Maybe they should have a debate and duke it out. :smiley:

mea culpa! your correct. it should have been, " wolf in sheep clothing" .thanks for correcting me.

that’s my problem,i forgot how to create hyperlink.i ahvent done it in ages i will search for those pages and will post here ,where to locate them.

i found them
1.benny hinn confronta a joel osteen!
2.joel osteen responds to benny hinn a false prophe!

would anybody here create a link for these videos.illl appreciate it very much!

When two televangelists have a go round who gets the last word in?:wink:

Exactly! Should “The Battle of The Heretics” between Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen come down to their “palaces”?

The Houses Of Well Known Televangelists.

It is pretty sad that people give their life savings to purchase these properties.

1.benny hinn confronta a joel osteen!

Sounds like Benny is mad that Joel Osteen said that Jesus isn’t the only way to God on Larry King. Or something like that. And then Benny said he wanted to punch Osteen out and would have repented later. How’s that for church drama.

A bit like watching a wolf and a fox arguing over a flock of sheep - you know they aren’t doing it out of genuine love for the sheep :nope:

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I noted what bothered Benny Hinn:

King: Is Jesus the only way to heaven?
Osteen: That is up to God.

Hinn was incensed over this? His whole teaching that followed was a tirade that was highly unnecessary. Catholicism does teach that others may be saved due to invincible ignorance or another form of baptism, even though they are in another faith. This is scriptural, as well, considering St. Paul’s teaching on natural law in Romans 2:14-16.

So Osteen was essentially correct, that it IS up to God. I don’t know if he intended to express this as we do in Catholicism, but not having the context, it is difficult to comment.

Can anyone explain how these people live like this, and still have Christian followers, when Jesus made it very clear what he thought of the rich???

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