Few Clinton or Trump Supporters Have Close Friends in the Other Camp


In an increasingly contentious presidential campaign, just a quarter of voters who support Donald Trump in the general election say they have a lot or some close friends who are supporters of Hillary Clinton. Even fewer Clinton backers (18%) say they have at least some friends who support Trump.

Nearly half of Clinton supporters (47%), and 31% of Trump supporters, say they have no close friends who support the opposing candidate.

The survey conducted June 7-July 5 among 4,602 adults, including 3,834 registered voters, on Pew Research Center’s nationally representative American Trends Panel finds that large majorities of both Trump and Clinton supporters have friends who back their preferred candidates.


Explains a lot.


Sounds about right. It’s one of the reasons I view political threads on CAF. It’s one of the few places I get to interact with Trump supporters. Among my friends and acquaintances only 3 are voting for Trump. The rest are Clinton or 3rd Party supporters. :shrug:


In my case it seems to be true. Since my only social acquaintances are those who are part of my parish, its obvious that as Catholics, they are neither Trump or Clinton supporters…as it should be, I suppose.


To me that seems kind of like a giveb, since people tend to surrouND themselves with people with similarge beliefs. I have friends who are clinton supporters and we don’t talk politics.


Among my friends who I know from a common interest in art or playing music, almost all were enthusiastic Hillary fans. That seems to have cooled off quite a lot lately, though. Now most have moved into voting for Hillary just to keep Trump from getting elected.

Among my farming friends, I know two cool-ish Trump supporters.

Among my small handful of real life Catholic friends, one is voting for Hillary, and I don’t know if the others have decided.

Among my Evangelical friends, they’re either voting third party, undecided but definitely not for Clinton, or voting for Trump just to oppose Hillary’s election. I myself am in this group.

I didn’t feel too comfortable when my gushingly pro-Hillary artist friends would talk politics at gatherings–a few were really pushy about it—but now they’ve considerably backed off in their enthusiasm.


I have a cousin and a sister who support the other guy, but you can’t pick your relatives! :shrug:


Of my two best friends one is a Democrat and one is a Republican. I’m a registered Republican.

I actually enjoy talking politics with my friend who is a Democrat more than my Republican buddy.

The Republican talks too much like Trump … I’ll just stop there lol


Numerous psychological studies have indicated that birds of a feather flock together and opposites do NOT attract. This is true for a variety of things, including political affiliations and ideologies. So the present finding is not at all surprising. This does not mean, however, that opposites never attract. For example, a nurturing personality is likely to be more attracted to a dependent personality than to another nurturing personality. And, as the current survey has found, some people do have friends who have different political views. One of my best friends says he is voting for Trump and has told me why he is doing so. While we do not agree regarding Trump, we remain very good friends and are even able to talk about our political differences without too much shouting LOL.


This makes sense, overlooking Hillary’s dishonesty takes a special kind of commitment that other people just don’t understand. Personally I see less risk with Trump, he may or may not turn out to be a good leader in office. But if he’s bad, he’ll be kept on a short leash by both parties.


Really? In all the studies I’m seeing, the Catholic vote is strong on the Hillary side, especially within the Hispanic communities. Here is one PEW study that is from June, so not that long ago. It says that…

The findings by the Pew Research Center, based on a national survey conducted in mid-to-late June, finds that 56 percent of American Catholics overall back Clinton with 39 percent for Trump. However, white Catholics lean to Trump 50 percent to 46, while Hispanic Catholics are currently breaking to Clinton by a margin of 77 to 16 percent.
The remainder of Catholic respondents said they either didn’t know, or planned to support someone else.

I wonder why your parish community is not reflecting this.



:thumbsup: Yup my family is divided. 1 sister for Hillary. Another sister not for Hillary. Her husband for Trump. Their daughter not for Trump. A cousin who defends Trump. A niece for Hillary. Another for Trump.


I think it was the same Pew study which showed “Trump doing terribly with Catholic voters, particularly those who are regular churchgoers”.

“Catholics who attend Mass weekly have increased their support for the Democratic nominee by 22 percentage points relative to 2012. They support Hillary Clinton at about the same rate as fallen-away Catholics; even though among white, non-Hispanic Catholics, those who attend Mass less frequently are slightly more likely to be registered Democrats.”



Originally Posted by Neofight View Post
In my case it seems to be true. Since my only social acquaintances are those who are part of my parish, its obvious that as Catholics, they are neither Trump or Clinton supporters…as it should be, I suppose.

There are plenty of people who claim to be Catholic, but still use contraception…but are they really Catholics? I think that answers your question.


I could say the same thing about those who overlook Trump’s dishonesty, and other less than desirable traits to put it mildly…


I actually don’t know any Trump or Clinton supporters. My friends are either not voting, or voting 3rd party.


I don’t know any Trump supporter (that I know of).

Most exhibit strong distaste for Trump.

I might vote for Trump to oppose Hilary.

It would be nice to have a reason to openly support Trump, but his actions do not give me a reason.

When will we have a God-fearing, compassionate, and prudent Republican candidate?


I don’t know anyone who is voting for Clinton other than maybe my liberal brother-in-law. Most on my side of the family are probably going to hold their nose and vote for Trump and I think a few are going the 3rd party route. Many of my friends seem to be trending towards third party. I was the biggest anti-Trump person in my family during primary season. Part of me feels I’d be letting myself down by pulling the lever for Trump, yet a Clinton a presidency scares me a lot. Unfortunately, so does a Trump presidency.


Hmm. I have in-laws that support trump.

But, most people that I know (and among them registered Republicans) are supporting neither candidate.

My neighbor says she will vote for Mickey Mouse.

Mickey might be too sweet and kind for the job, poor Mickey.


I would vote for Mickey Mouse too if he didn’t come up short for the job.


There are plenty of people who claim to be Catholic, but still use contraception…but are they really Catholics? I think that answers your question.

Perhaps if they self define as Catholic, you should take them at their word. I doubt that the only criteria for being an authentic Catholic is whether they use contraception. Regardless, the studies out of PEW tend to be reliable so I would say that if they interviewed both Hispanic and non-Hispanic Catholics and got the numbers that they did, you can trust that the majority of the Catholic vote is going to Hillary.

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