Few Concerns Before Entering RCIA


I am new here. I will be entering the RCIA soon but I have a few concerns. I am extremely liberal when it comes to social issues, and I don’t know if I can devote myself to a religion which holds completely opposite view points from my own. Has anyone else struggled with this.


Five years ago, I was “more liberal than the liberals”. At that time, I would have LOVED to have seen the Freedom of Choice Act come into law, I rooted for states that had some form of civil unions for homosexual couples (and felt that the civil unions didn’t go far enough), was a big advocate for birth control, saw nothing wrong with pre-maritial sex… etc. All I can really say is what a difference 5 years makes. I now know and believe that what the Church teaches is correct in these, and other matters. How I got to this point was reading WHY the Church held these positions and prayerfully considering them. I also operated on the assumption that there was the smallest possiblity that maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. I focused on even the smallest statements I agreed with (one of them being that pre-maritial sex can harm people physically and psychologically… learned this the hard way myself) and built up from there. Even then, when I was in the process of learning and growing, I was still very, very stubborn, but today, I agree with the teachings of the Church.

It was not an easy road, but one that I am glad I have traveled. To start, I would suggest reading Humanae Vitae that was written back in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. Find at least one thing that you can agree with and work with that. Always pray, and ask God to show you his will.

I will be praying for you as you begin this process.

God Bless!

Hello, Slig!

I attest to the same thing as Ericka. I, too, was once very liberal in my views but that changed as I grew. I’m in a RCIA class right now, and I’m easily the most conservative one in the bunch. The father teaches some classes, and he is also quite a conservative fellow, but my two fellow RCIA goers are quite liberal.

They have had issues regarding some conservative views that have been expressed which are in contention with their own and it has caused a great deal of discussion. I’d say that here is a real strength of the RCIA process. You are free, in fact encouraged, to ask questions regarding these matters in what’s aimed to be a cordial and open atmosphere.

I encourage you to give it a serious try; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

May the Lord be with you!

Your RCIA journey may be able to explain to your satisfaction as to why Catholc beliefs are as they are, so that you can make an informed assessment.

Anyway, God bless you! :slight_smile:

Just be willing to keep your heart and your mind open to the power of The Holy Spirit - and you may discover that you are not really a liberal right now and become a real liberal with time. What is a real liberal? One who is willing, no matter who is watching or who is not, to stand only for Truth - and Truth is not something, or some issue…Truth is Somebody.


thanks for all the comments. it was the greatest concern to me. being raised with basically no religion and growing up very liberal, it is hard to wrap my mind around certain issues.

You know the best way to eat an elephant?

One bite at a time :slight_smile:

Take it one issue at a time, pray, read, pray some more.

it would behoove you first to participate in the inquiry sessions that begin this experience and learn what the Church actually does teach, including her long and ardent history of social justice teaching, before making a judgement or opinion, and before assuming anything.

You may rest assured that in areas where your own opinions are in opposition to Church teaching, that it is a case where more study and prayer is indicated, since obviously the Church cannot err. That is not to say that someone who is supposed to be speaking for the church, such as your catechist or even a priest giving instruction, or the texts given to you, cannot err since they are only human.

In any case you will not enter the Church until you yourself become convinced that she holds and teaches the Truth revealed by God, under the protection of the Holy Spirit. When you do reach that conviction, nothing, not even your own opinions, will be strong enough to keep you away.

The Church is a big family. Welcome!

Whether you are liberal or conservative, you could do no better than to spend time reading and reflecting on the Bible and on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Also, learn how to pray, if you don’t do so already, and establish a habit of praying daily. Finally, get involved in some form of service to others.

I’m not sure that I can add much to the thoughful discussions above, but I will offer these thoughts. First, I confess that I am a theological, social, and political conservative. Second, I came home to the Church from a pentecostal and Lutheran background (that’s another story for another day). Ergo, my opinions on the Church, as you can imagine, were not very kind from a theological point of view. The papacy, Marian doctrine, all of it diverged from what I “knew” to be true. Once I began to explore the faith, though, the Holy Spirit led me to a series of revelations, based in Scripture and grounded in Tradition, that made me race to the Church with full abandon. Once I submitted myself to seeking the will of our Lord, I opened myself to truth. All I can offer is this – open yourself to the Holy Spirit, and see where He takes you. God bless you in whatever decision you make!

I also was raised with no religion and was probably more or less position of Ericka also ~5-10 years ago. I had the OK, I know that is wrong, but it makes it easier on me attitude on many topics against the church. Just keep an open mind, study and pray.

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