Few Questions

I want to ask few questions.

  1. I know we cannot to receive the Holy Communion while we had made a grave sin and it is not told in Confession. If i was or even I AM angry on other people, for example: on unknown person, father, brother, grandmother, friend, etc., can i receive the Holy Communion then?
  2. I am going to go to a summer camp with boy scouts pretty soon. I’m not sure it will really be, but if it will, if cooks will serve meat dishes, what should I do - eat them, don’t eat anything, told something or what?
  3. Must we use the sign of cross before eating: a) some cookies; b) a slice of bread applied with butter; c) corn flikes; d) a portion of ice cream; e) candies; f) few cookies, fruit, a candy, a glass of lemonade/juice?
    Thank you a lot!
  1. If you dwelled on and harbored your anger to the point that it became a mortal sin then you should confess before Communion. If you are angry at someone during mass through to the time when reception of Communion is you should probably abstain, but this is really a question for your confessor. One should prepare oneself for reception of the Eucharist. I do so with prayer before reception to aid in properly disposing myself towards the graces from the sacrament. If even this cannot calm you down I don’t know what to say except that you should speak with your priest.

  2. Are you in the Latin Rite? We have no proscriptions against eating meat outside of Ash Wednesday and Fridays of Lent. Many also abstain from meat on all Fridays of the year and I assume this is your practice. If you are in the U.S. the bishops have allowed us to substitute a penitential act or prayer in place of abstaining from meat on Friday. It would help to know what country you are in and why you are abstaining from meat. So, for a Latin Rite Catholic in America there would be no problem.

  3. I don’t believe we are required to pray a blessing before meals. I generally do so but only before ‘real’ meals, not snacks.

just flying off the handle is not the kind of anger that is a mortal sin, although it is an indication we need to be more careful guarding our reactions particularly with those in authority over us. What does eating meat have to do with anything, unless you will be at camp on the Fridays of Lent? The use of the sign of the cross is a pious prayer practice, not mandated under painof sin. You may certainly say grace before any food you eat, but it is not required.

In some countries and rites of the Church their are different practices. The bishops conferences in various countries may not have dispensed with the requirement to abstain from meat on every Friday.

Thank you all so much. You really helped me.
About my second questions, I live in Lithuania, and i asked our priest about this. He said that we should to abstain from meat on every Friday, and he gaved me a quote of our Archbishop’s message, in which he says that we should to abstain from meat every Friday. Well, still, thank you again.

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