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well,i have this few short questions that i would like to know the answer, but they are small enough to don’t get their own thread:

1.- is it a sin to dislike my own name?

2.- what do we do when we pass in front of the Altar at the Temple? do we have to kneel? and if there are many people passing by, could we skip it to avoid beiong an obstacle in the way?

3.- is saying damn (without mentioning God), considered a sin, like when something goes wrong saying damn it, or calling someone or something damned without the intention of cursing them.

4.- would it also be wrong to say hell, like in what the hell, or used in names of stuff, like in the name of the airplane the hellcat.+

5.- would you consider that a sin mortal sin is worst or gets a new one if the person who makes them does not feel somewhat sorry, or it’s the same if the person feels somewhat sorry but does not confess.


Sounds to me like you need to make an appointment to talk to your pastor about your questions. You seem confused about sin in general. How old are you?

Asking random groups of questions here at CAF is not going to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of sin and conscience formation. But regular discussions with your pastor can.

  1. No.

  2. Generally, you bow before the altar if you are passing in front of it in church.

  3. Personally I consider damn a bad word and I prefer it’s slightly less serious variant: darn!

  4. If hell is part of the name for something, by all means you can say it, but again, I personally don’t like saying what the hell.

  5. Contrition (being sorry for your sins) is necessary for a good confession. Without contrition we cannot be forgiven (someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this).

Number 1 makes me think you’re being a little scrupulous…maybe someone else can give you better answers.


what temple would that be that you are visiting? Catholics do not have temples


This may be a foreign language issue. In some languages, “church” refers to the organizational body, and the buildings are called temples.

And no, OP, it is not a sin to dislike your name, but as it is yours forever, you should probably get used to it.



yes I will try.

the name thing is because I’ve read that names were holy, therefore i assumed that somehow i should not dislike it, i suppose i misunderstood. oh, and yes, i suppose i must get used to it.

the stuff with the bad words is that well, I found many that say that saying G*ddammit is obviously a sin, but just saying damn is never mentioned. same with the hell word, specially if you use it to name something, not just saying their names. (like for example calling something the hell kitty, like a parody of the brand name)

and yes the temple thing is a lenguage stuff, here i was told that yes, the Church is us, while the temple is the place, altough some people calls them churches, here the most correct is to call them temples as far as i know.

thanks for all your answers.


I don’t bow to the alter - I look for the blessed sacrament and kneel towards Jesus who is the blessed sacrament. Its located differently in every church - ours is located in a smaller chapel off to the side of the main Church and alter .


I’ll do my best. I am not an “authority” for the Church though.

  1. Of course not! You may very well have a horrible name. You do not have to like it.

I don’t know what you mean by “temple” so I will assume “Church” If the Eucharist is present behind the altar you are to kneel.(genuflect) If you are just honoring the altar, you bow. The altar is a blessed and holy object. The Eucharist is God.
3) Good question. My best guess is that damn is not a sin. It could however be used vulgarly. Damn it. Would probably rise to taking the Lord’s name in vain because you are calling upon him to damn something. Just like Bless you is asking God to bless.
4) “Wrong” Don’t know:shrug: But I am of the belief that names have power. Especially spiritually. So I don’t think it is prudent to go around muttering the domain of the devil. However I doubt it is a sin. I do it on occasion.
5) Mortal sin is mortal sin. unconfessed and unrepented mortal sin is damnable. To repent means to be sorry. Worse does not matter with mortal sin. It separates you from God and robs your soul of his graces. Hell is hell, and it is the destination of unrepented mortal sinners.

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