Fewer Than 20% of Grads Land Job Offers

Fewer Than 20% of Grads Land Job Offers. (Via NewsAlert).

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I feel for these grads. I was in the same pickle when I graduated. I had to take a low paying job. I know someone who is social work major and honors student they are working at Barnes and Noble. Those grads are competing with everyone has lost their jobs and have more work and life experience.

I graduate in 2011, and it has definitely been a stressful year, though I can add a lot of the stuff Catholics have to put up with these days to this list.

Eighty-five percent of the students reported feeling stress in their daily lives in recent months, with worries about grades, school work, money and relationships the big culprits.

Thank you for the articles. It helps to put things in perspective.

something doesn’t jive with this title here, so college grads are looking at an 80% unemployment rate? even in the worst areas hit by this recession unemployment is barely 10%. me thinks there is some serious spin going on here, sure if a college grad wants to come out an make 100K a year, they’re probably not going to get many offers, nor should they they don’t know a friggin thing yet about thier field. but if they’re willing to humble themselves and work their way up like everyone else in the world they can find a job without much of an issue.

I believe the percentage is the number of grads who land a job by graduation, according to the article.

I was in exactly the same situation when I graduated from high school in 1979, under the helm of the magnificent Jimmy Carter. You couldn’t beg, borrow, or steal a job out there. There were none to be had.

You know what I did? I went down and saw my local recruiter.

I feel very fortunate I am going into the nursing field. I am guranteed a job… though it does worry me with the possibility of government run healthcare. I don’t want to be forced to assist in euthanasia since I plan on working at the hospice…

Simply highlights this country’s most crying need to bring manufacturing back to the USA. We once had a country where most goods on our store’s shelves were made in the USA with USA raw materials, often invented here in America. A socialist democracy will not resolve this basic issue of our economic down-slide. If our political focus deviates from this foremost threat to our nation - the off-shore shipping of manufacturing jobs - than our nations economic & political scene will loop out of control to its own destruction that we are seeing right now. The adage “It is better to teach someone how to fish than to give that person a fish” is only valid if one is not in a desert where there is no place to fish. Entitlements & education is no substitute for a manufacturing-friendly environment.

You are not guaranteed a job. Even though hospitals have page after page of nursing jobs available, it doesn’t mean they can afford to hire; HR makes them list the jobs or loose the slot even if no funds are available. That has been a big problem here and all over the country.

I just graduated this month from radiology school and barely got a job myself as a CT tech; out of the 12 graduates in my class, only 5 of us have full time jobs. Our program director has been here teaching 37 years and has never seen this. Same problems in the nursing and respiratory fields.

I am blue collar construction. Yeah…my heart bleeds for them. :rolleyes:

I feel sorry for the ones that go for job specific degrees: business, healthcare, engineering, law, education, social work, etc. Psychology, philosophy, political science, etc. I don’t feel too bad for them.

I think people should either major in accounting, engeniering, nursing or teaching. Those people can get jobs. Avoid nonsense majors like psych, philosophy, general business administration and socology. You don’t need to learn social theories in college. You can see social theories here for free! Pay 80k to learn a skill!

I think liberal arts education is a sham. It just has no practicaliaty anymore. It’s really so liberal professors can tell everybody about their ideology. I know people who are doing an MBA in international business and think they’re going to be in for a rude awakening. What skills do you learn in this program? People really need to learn real skills in their college years.

Wow. That is sad. Makes one wonder if it is worth paying out all that money to even go to college.

Im srry but I have to respectfully disagree with you 100%. Why should i spend my money with a degree i dont want and a career choice im not happy with? Simply because it affords me to finance a middle class lifestyle. Currently I am working on a bachelors degree with three majors; Sociology, Communication and International Relations.
I should have specialized in my communication degree but instead got a general Com. Getting a liberal arts degree made me my conscious of how what I was learning was related to both future job skills and what was going on in the world.

Content-wise my communication classes were not the most excited. There were a few but overall the main theme in my communication classes was to get me to write and speak well. Albeit, these skills are encouraged in different areas of study but i dont think its at the same degree. Skill-wise two classes come to mind; Communication inquiry, introduced me into research culture and how to verify primary sources. The other class was media writing. I want to potential due free lance journalism so the class should me how to write from press releases and how to write leads which will help me for obivious reasons.

My second major was Sociology. I choose this major because I was always interested in studying groups; racial groups religious groups political groups etc. Unfortunately most of the research in the textbooks seems to be outdated and biased. This shouldnt disencourage me to study sociology but to challenge it and its basic foundation. I was allowed to do this in my Theory class where i had to argue why Marxism shouldnt be included in the theoretical cannon of classical sociology. Also Max Weber’s idea of the Protestant ethic and the spirit of Capitalism is not neccessarily liberal ideals.

What sociology does is it helps for me to identify certain trends in society? What does it mean that most of the people who occupy the top medical schools are Asian? Does it matter that the marriage rate for African Americans is 40%?

Since an early age I have always been interested in people. I grew up in the heart of Cleveland and went to a mostly black school only to be uprooted and taken to a town with the population barely peaking past 3,000. I could count all the black kids in my school with one hand. After that i went to a school that was closer to the inner ring suburbs. In this school 10% of the students were black and 2% were Asian Indian. When i went to a Community College for the first time I was one of the two only white kids in the class. It was definately an eye-opening experience. I was also interested in trying to understand why people find reasons to seperate themselves from other people. In high school for instance people seperated themselves on the basis of music and fashion. The preppy kids sat with the preppy kids and jocks were as the second largest species of high schoolers, the freaks, mostly associated with skate boarders and goths. there were other groups to as well but these groups seem to dominate most the student body. But why does this happen?

Sociology also taught me skills that could potentially transform into a career asset. I took a class called Quanitative stats for Sociology which basically showed me how to crunch numbers. I was also introduced to SPSS which is a statistical software program used to hand large amounts of statistical data.

I also had a class in qualitative research which should me how to conduct research through interviews particpant observation techniques etc. And how to code the information
and how to organize it. What company does not want someone who can code and organize information?

The Last major is in international relations. I did this because this is what i want to do my graduate study in. And hopefully land an entry level position at the State Department.

Yea I know people who go to school and dont try to understand how what they learn in the classroom can help them in the real world. It is unfortunate to see young men and women after obtain a B.A. in their respected fields still working at the same jobs before they went to school but unless they become proactive members of their education nothing will change.

Lastly college is not a place were you sit idly by do the assignments and only show up for test. College is a time to exploit oppurtunites through study abroad, and by networking through internships and student organizations.

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