Fiancée working at PP - Engagement might be off


So I’ve been seeing this girl for 3+ years and engaged her over Christmas time. She isn’t a catholic but agreed to let our children be raised catholic. Earlier this week she was talking about all these externships she was going to be doing for her major (child development and family studies) and mentioned she was going to do one for Planned Parenthood. And that she might want to work there after graduation. I just said I’d be uncomfortable with that and it has escalated into what seems to be calling off the engagement. She said I was trying to run her life and that this was something she wasn’t going to compromise on. This is the love of my life and we haven’t really spoke in a couple of days. Please pray for me and my situation.

I just didnt want her to be involved in a group that sets people up for abortions, mostly. I’m adopted and the issue REALLY hits home for me. It’s my belief that once another life begins inside the woman, it isn’t a choice anymore, it’s a human being that deserves rights just like anyone else. Just thinking about myself and that if my birth mother would have taken the easy road out, I wouldn’t even be here is frightening and chilling to me. I think everyone should have a chance to live. She’s pro-choice and just doesn’t seem to understand my viewpoint. She herself says she doesn’t believe in abortion but that it’s not my right to judge and take that “right” away from her. I just can’t see raising children in a household without unified, steadfast value. I just love her so much that this is really really hard on me.

Like I said, please pray.


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