Fictionary Word Game


This is a wordgame where you take an existing word, then drop or add only ONE letter and supply the new definition.

Here’s one I made:

Squandery: the bind you’re in when you don’t budget and end up spending all your pay before the month is up


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swelltering: word used by heat fans to describe kiln temperatures


coinfused: state of mind when confronted with unknown metal currency


plackophobia: fear of a soft, sticky, whitish matlike film
attached to tooth surfaces


sinborn: each person’s state when he first sees the light of day


pawcity: large town where animals predominate and are greatly revered


doenation - land where female deer rule.


:+1: Joey!

sindustry: any enterprise involving iniquitous activity or merchandise


playright: in sports, a participant who never cheats


mixophobia: fear of mingling with the masses or of combining or amalgamating of any kind


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