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This is probably my OCD/scrupulosity going up, but are fictitious magic symbols that someone creates for use in their comic/show the same as real? I was thinking about that since I have an anime called “Fullmetal Alchemist” where the box artwork has the alchemic drawing that the characters used. I’m actually pretty sure that I actually talked about it with a religion teacher once and said it was nothing to worry about. Is simply seeing/having/making a reference to this sort of stuff like alchemy/magic in itself a sin?


First of all, my feeling about this may not accurately reflect official Church teaching. Nonetheless, this is my feeling: The danger of “magical” symbols, items, etc. stems from the intent and how they are used in real life.

Nearly any item could become magical/dangerous if it is used with such intent. You could do it with a wall calendar, a clothes hanger, a coffee mug, etc.

My interpretation is that a fictional account is nothing more than a fictional account.


It is hard to tell, without significant research, which magic symbols in Full Metal Alchemist are based on actual symbols or made up. The Japanese and Chinese have a history of using various symbols that may have a pagan or occult meaning to them, further complicating things. I won’t go into further detail except to say that as long as the symbols are regarded as fictional, and nothing in the story treats them as real, you should not worry. However, people are curious and I would encourage great caution to those who want to look into this further. Occult signs and symbols are not a trivial matter.



Alchemy isn’t necessarily the occult, indeed for most of history alchemy and chemistry where the same field.


Symbolism by its very nature is arbitrary. The cross was once the most humiliating and excruciating form of execution and was treated symbolically so. The Nazis used the swastika but the symbol itself dates beyond WWII. The laurel leaf went from a symbol of Apollo to a symbol of excellence in the Olympics then to poetry and academics.

There’s really no grounds to say a symbol itself carries some inherent property. They’re pretty malleable given the right circumstances.


I’m not a big FMA fan but I LOVE their alchemist circles. They’re up there alongside the ones I’ve seen in Lyrical Nanoha and Negima. :thumbsup:

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