Fidel Castro slams Barack Obama's Cuba visit, 'honey-coated' comments


Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro accused U.S. President Barack Obama of sweet-talking the Cuban people during his visit to the island last week and ignoring the accomplishments of communist rule, in an opinion piece carried by all state-run media on Monday . . .

Castro, 89, laced his opinion piece with nationalist sentiment and, bristling at Obama’s offer to help Cuba, said the country was able to produce the food and material riches it needs with the efforts of its people . . .

Fidel Castro blasted Obama for not referring in his speech to the extermination of native peoples in both the United States and Cuba, not recognizing Cuba’s gains in health and education, and not coming clean on what he might know about how South Africa obtained nuclear weapons before apartheid ended, presumably with the aid of the U.S. government.

It doesn’t really matter what his opinion is anymore since Fidel is no longer President of Cuba.


“Sweet-talking the . . . people?” Seems to me Fidel called it like it is, and has been, for the last 8 years.


Right. Fidel Castro is pushing 90 and in poor health. He is not long for this Earth so it doesn’t really matter what he says. The goal is to influence his successor(s).


:thumbsup: he probably knows Obama was concerned about his own legacy in this and being the first U.S. president to set foot in Cuba in decades. you aren’t able to remain a dictator for over 50 years because you are stupid. Fidel probably “reads” Obama better than many Americans.


I wonder what Raul Castro thinks about his brothers comments.


South Africa? That’s so last generation!?

And because both .us and .cu have been involved in the removal of Native populations, it’s a strange burn for Castro to make on Obama.

Methinks he knows that his family duarchy is soon going bye-bye and wants to get one last jab in at his North American nemeses.



he probably agrees. Raul might be president, but I bet Fidel pulls the strings. What will happen when Raul and Fidel are gone?


But does the slam of Obama’s visit contain an implied criticism of Raul as well? It takes two to tango.


Raul and Fidel probably both support communism. Raul might be easier to sway than Fidel.


Totally agree, although in terms of his “legacy,” I suspect the pictures of Obama under the giant Che Guevara mural, and of him doing the tango, won’t be prominently displayed in the Obama Presidential Library.


I have to wonder what the US wants out of this…after all, it wasnt Cuba that came begging for better US relations?


Now if it had been Fidel rather than Raul at the joint press conference, Fidel would probably not object to taking questions. But with Fidel, he would have taken one question and then gone off on an anti-US rant lasting hours.


Damage control to the rescue! :bounce:

The fact is Obama and his team got beaten once again in the policy world and now the left has to run around and make excuses so he doesn’t look bad.


Hey, we allowed your policy 60 years of abysmal failure before ending it. You need to give diplomacy longer than a few a months and stop declaring defeat on the grounds that a senile old man who isn’t even President of Cuba anymore did what everyone expected he would do.


The answer is that Obama wants to have something in his legacy. He used Guantanamo as his great accomplishment by freeing the terrorists to resume their bloody attacks; hoping to have it empty and ready to be executively ordered back to Cuba. Yes, everyone says he can’t do that and that is true, but it does not stop him. He thinks that will be legacy worthy because the isolation of Cuba by the U.S. has existed since the nuclear standoff by President Kennedy. No, Cuba has NOT given any hint that they want to remedy the state of affairs with the U.S. But, Obama doesn’t care - he only knows what he wants to know.


=EmperorNapoleon;13787282]Hey, we allowed your policy 60 years of abysmal failure before ending it. You

My policy? :bighanky: :crying: That was there decades before I was around, not to mention that it had bipartisan support. :wink:

need to give diplomacy longer than a few a months and stop declaring defeat on the grounds that a senile old man who isn’t even President of Cuba anymore did what everyone expected he would do.

Diplomacy is fine and preferred, as long as the diplomats know what they are doing and what game is being played.

It’s very clear that modern Democratic leaders do not understand it and keep on getting bested by foreign despots. The fact is some people really aren’t interested in diplomacy, others just like saber-rattle and others, like ISIS, only understand force.

I have my doubts that this behavior was expected from the Castro from Democratic analysts, but even if they did, it just tells me that this was a dog and pony show for Obama’s legacy and another reason for him and the First family to travel at taxpayer expense.


I agree. a dog and pony show like his speech in Egypt shortly after being elected. look how that turned out. if Fidel and Raul die and communism ceases in Cuba, you can be sure that Obama will take credit!


Do you think its possible US companies are pressuring Obama to do this? Lifting sanctions would open up an entirely new market for just about everything, especially tourism.


The politics of failure have failed, we need to make them work again.


Obama seeking a nonnegative legacy?

The WH stockpile of Cuban cigars just ran out?? :):slight_smile:


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