Fidelis wants my money? Are they legit?

So I have been getting, as perhaps many of you, a National Referendum Survey from an organization called Fidelis whose cause appears to be fighting the Obama administration and to propagate Catholic Christian values. Their website looks legit but they are asking for at least $10 to cover the mailing and processing fees of the survey they sent me plus they ask for donation. Is anyone familiar with them and would my money be going to a worthy cause?

Thanks much.

There is no simple answer to that. What kind of causes do you consider “worthy?” Also, the way their base organization is structured, it has no requirement to report (to donors or file with the government) where they accept donations from, or where that money goes. Unless they volunteer that information, you won’t be able to know where your money goes.

I just looked them up on and they got the green light. Go on over and read about it. Just type “fidelis” in the search box and choose “All”.

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