Fierce White House Debate Over Contraception Mandate

What are we doing here?” asked Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, stepping outside his wheelhouse to ask about a rising storm involving the Obama administration and the Catholic Church. “What’s the point?”


“It wasn’t an easy choice. There was much argument on both sides. We finally had to make a decision.”

Panetta should submit his resignation over this.

[quote=gilliam]What are we doing here?” asked Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, stepping outside his wheelhouse to ask about a rising storm involving the Obama administration and the Catholic Church. “What’s the point?”

Interesting story. I can’t help but feel this is the makings of an honorable exit strategy or something like that in the works.

This is a debate that Biden and Panetta should have won. When the executive branch violates freedom of religion, it’s important enough to fight tooth and nail. Perhaps the best thing for them to do would have been to resign over this issue, making a public statement decrying the violation of religious freedom.

But that would mean following God instead of political allies!:eek:

If not that it would be following the Constitution.

Not to be overly political (generally not my way), but this issue has me more charged up than any other in my adult life.

I always liked Panetta. He always struck me as an honorable, honest man (far too few of them in Washington).So his reaction does not surprise me in the least. He demonstrates how he can be true to his values and beliefs and yet still be faithful to the President he serves, for he also knows this is now becoming a political suicide mission.

Biden, on the other hand, is another story. I am finding it hard to believe as inferred in this report that he has struggled with this issue both politically and in terms of policy. Politically, yes, because he too is smart enough to know this is a suicide path, especially given the mounting unity of Christians and Jews in this fight. IMO - he can care less for policy, as his long record demonstrates.

I’ll say it once again. I’m proud of how our bishops have stood near-unanimously united, and they chose a leader of the USCCB wisely - Archbishop and Cardinal-designate Dolan is as smart as he is honest, sincere and direct. However, until Catholic politicians face real consequences in the life in their Church by taking actions and positions that are contrary to their moral tradition, this trend will continue and the Church will weaken - “a dog with all bark and no bite.” I do not profess to have the wisdom or authority of bishop, nor do I comment on or challenge the religious life of Catholic politicians per se - that is a matter of there own conscience, and my faith tells me that we will all be judged accordingly. Yet to us Catholic voters, it sure always looks like there are no consequences for those who shed their baptismal robes when they take an oath of office.

Long video but worth watching. It helped me understand how we got to this point:

As to the HHS mandate, we don’t need a compromise. The mandate needs to be rejected. Freedom of religion must be maintained for everyone–not just houses of worship, not just religious institutions, not just for Catholics, --everyone.

Amen! Through all the rhetoric, hopefully all Americans of good conscience see that this is truly what is at stake!

I find it interesting that Obama is willing to declare war on the Church with his “No Child Left Alive” mandate in an election year. Either he must think American Catholics are too weak to fight back and will blindly vote for him anyway, or he thinks he has the election so sewed up in his back pocket that he can antagonize 25% of the US population and get away with it.

I voted for President Obama. But, no more. I believe in Freedom of Religion not Freedom From Religion, nor fined for my beliefs. I would hope that all Catholics vote for a choice other than this “big brother” approach to federal government.

Thanks for your honesty regarding you 2008 vote, and it is good that you now see how “change” has been defined by this Administration.

Now if only the Republicans can get behind a single, electable candidate …

First of all, I question whether Biden, who voted for abortion his whole political life, in every way there was to do it, would have opposed this. But if he did, he should have threatened resignation and then resigned when they did it anyway. But he didn’t.

Panetta, sure. Should have resigned if he actually objected. But he holds onto his office too, doesn’t he?

And if you read this article, it’s really just an affirmation of how utterly cold-blooded Obama and his appointees (especially the “Catholic” ones) truly are. Utterly calculating individuals. “Dead souls” is about the only thing that adequately describes them.

And maybe Obama will find some way to seemingly weasel out of this. But people should remember what he has done, and not only in this. And people should remember that Obamacare can’t be “fixed” against things like this in the future. Even if he backs off on this, he can just do it again, and worse, the way Obamacare is written. And people should realize that he absolutely, positively will. Does anybody really think all this “anguished second thinking” would be going on if he was in his second term? He’s not even anguished now. How will he be in 2013? We’ll see just how hostile to religion he truly is then.

If you read the article, and if it can be credited at all, it is exactly the case that he thought faithful Catholics could be discounted in the next election and that the others would follow him blindly. Exactly. Just exactly.

And Obama discounted these groups as well. One has to hand it to their leaders.

All I ask of all of us, regardless of our faith, is to remember this on election day.

I call upon all that believe that life begins at conception, that all life is God’s gift.

I call upon upon all that believe that no government, federal, state or local has the right to interfere with, or monetary punish, the openly and freely practice of one’s faith.

Thank you for a very interesting link. :slight_smile:

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