Fifth Shooting in CHAZ/CHOP Autonomous Zone in Seattle - CHAZ Protestors Shot 2 Black Teenagers(ages 16 and 14)-One has died

Two more shot but someone got shot in the head. (Ages 14 and 16 ) One is dead.

He is not a man. He is a child.

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Isn’t it about time the state of Washington does something about that mess?


They need to break it up. They were in a car. Why would 2 kids start the shooting?
Barely making the news, I had to go go Daily Mail in UK for information.

No one seems interested. Wow!

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That’s if the two kids starting shooting. It seems the only information is from those in the crazy zone. Were guns found in the vehicle? Two young men, two kids, whose families will never be the same because of the mayor in Seattle couldn’t control her city.

The state needs to set a date & time for the people in CHAZ/CHOP/crazy zone to be out and then start removing by whatever non-lethal means necessary to get them out. Tear gas, flash bangs, non-lethal weapons, water hoses, whatever. If the occupants resort to the use of lethal weapons, then force should be met with force.


I am wondering if these kids got lost and ended up down the wrong street or out of curiosity wanted to see it. Why would 2 young black teens want to shoot at protestors?

Makes no sense,

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Nothing but crickets. When will all black lives matter?


So much for the leftist Great Seatttle Love-in.

CHOP: Seattle mayor walks back ‘summer of love’ comment


Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan continues to be lambasted for a June 11 interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, during which she suggested the occupied protest around the city’s east police precinct could simply be a “summer of love.”

The remark has not aged well.

In the ten days since her comments on CNN, the zone referred to as CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) has seen several serious and violent crimes, including an attempted arson, multiple assaults captured on video, and the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old.

Republicans – including the President – have painted the mayor’s remarks as tone-deaf, considering the public safety implications of what protesters call a “cop-free zone.”

“These Liberal Dems don’t have a clue,” President Trump said in a June 12 tweet . . . .


It’s almost as if having ideals isn’t enough to make one competent in running things.


I don’t get why the mayor is letting this continue.

Seattle is crazy.


It’s tragic that the progression of these CHOP events will be what makes some people realize the value of police.


I’m sorry Paul, but why do you not get this? You & I have had many conversations on here so I think I can say you have a more liberal view.

What is going on in Seattle is a direct result of the extreme liberalism so many seem to want in this country. The Mayor in Seattle, like many other Democratic liberal mayors seem to want to give in to the loudest people, not necessarily doing the best for the city and ALL the people.

This CHOP thing should have been shut down before it ever got started. Just like the riots, lootings, and all sorts of mayhem after the murder of George Floyd. Let people protest, let people air their grievances, let them show they will not stand for another innocent life lost, that is all good and may show fruit.

But the violence and chaos since, what good has it done? How many lives lost? How many people injured? How many businesses ruined? How many buildings burn? How many people out of work due to their employer not having a business to run any longer? How many police officers families now have to survive either without them or have them with a bullet to the neck and unable to move on their own?

This is not a Trump v whoever issue. This is a result of years of liberal politics and pandering to whoever may vote for them. I think Trump probably could have done more to calm things down but for him it is always a no win situation. No matter what he did or didn’t do, the left would find fault with it, take the opposite stance and crucify his actions in the media. Maybe that is why he hasn’t done more?

So it’s not just Seattle that is crazy, for some of us, we think the whole country has gone crazy. I sit in my living room watching or reading the news and just shake my head, praying to God for a miracle that our country can return to one of morals, virtue, Christianity, and honest people truly seeking the good of others.


My views are evolving. I am an independent who has abandoned the Republican Party.

Well, yeah, crazy.

Yes. Absolutely.

EDIT: I apologize for posting this part, and have removed it. People have quoted it below for those who are interested.

It’s totally a mess.

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You had get offensive didn’t you. Why is it no liberal can have a conversation with anyone without some comment degrading the person they disagree with. That you would call me a pretender because I support Trump is beyond the pale. You may hate the man, many people hate him, but I say many people hate what the media lets you know about him.

Since the source of information liberals use is the liberal leftist media who have such an obvious bias how would any of you know anything different? But that doesn’t matter, as long as the hatred is fueled. Many of agree Trump is not a perfect man, he has many faults, but so many people have let the leftist liberal media form their opinion of Trump, that it seems their Christian values and virtues have gone out the window.

Yes I know this post will be flagged and removed. I am no pretender. I am a faithful Catholic. I vote my conscience as best I can and I have no guilt about it. I fight for Christian values in my community as I try to do for my country. I believe those Christian values will not be achieved with the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and so on. They are the ones who loudly & publically claim to be against the most basic Christian value, life.


Some blacks got shot there. Where’s BLM?

In the greater scheme of things, I’m kinda done with Trump.

If he wins, it will be four more years of CHAZ/CHOP and Big Tech censors multiplied a hundred fold. Everything we’ve seen in the past month, but stretched out and escalated. Like the bombings and the riots in the 1960’s and -70’s. They will never ever leave him alone and let him run the country; they will oppose him at virtually every turn all the way down to the most basic and fundamental things. If Trump says the sky is blue, they will insist the sky is black, that will be the level of the rhetoric we can expect.

If this is what they want so badly, let 'em have it. Good and hard. At least the right people can be blamed when the fertilizer hits the fan. I’ll do my bit to bring it on by voting for Biden or whatever other execrable candidate the Democrats come up with.

It will be another 4 years of the same, but God help us all if Biden wins and those pulling the strings are in charge. I do not fear Biden himself, he is a helpless twit being used as a front. Biden could no more run this country than he could run his way out of a paper bag. It’s those behind him, pulling all the strings, the “deep state” folks or whatever you would want to call them. They are the ones I fear.

Even this whole running mate dilemma. It’s not about finding the best black female to run with him, it’s about finding the most malleable one, the one most easily manipulated.

This is spot on. I will vote again for Trump just to do my part to keep the worst from happening.


You think the CHAZ is somehow a product of the Democrats, and done to spite Trump?

I can tell you for sure that if the people behind CHAZ are anarchists or communists or whatever then they won’t like Biden or the Democrats

Immaterial. Do you see the Democrats stopping CHAZ/CHOP?

No they won’t as they are attempting to draw Trump into a Kent State moment. But Trump isn’t having it; he’s pushing back instead on Mayor Durkan and Governor Inslee to handle it, making them responsible for what happened and responsible for ending it. The entire fiasco will be on them.

In the meantime, we get to make another batch of popcorn and watch the CHAZ/CHOP circus fumble the ball on leadership and violence. :popcorn:


CHOPHOUSE is indeed a media circus, as I’ve pointed out I find the attempt to appropriate the legacy of the ‘Freed Derry’ situation deeply comical as I doubt beyond nicking the imagery many of those involved could tell me about that event. Meanwhile it seems to rumble on with ever increasing idiocy and I’d actually agree they’d love someone to try and shut them down violently as they could then shout about the ‘violence inherent in the system’. I suspect it will eventually dissolve pretty much of its own accord as matters go as things seem be becoming more and more chaotic.

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I am disappointed in you for posting this. Although I don’t often agree with you, I expected more from you. Your slander of people who support Trump as pretenders is way off base.


There is room to fault the mayor to be sure, but I wonder if she hasn’t cornered herself with her insistence that the police not be allowed to use tear gas to disperse protestors?
I’m not sure how she expects to remove people who are determined to stay in place without some sort of pressure, and she’s may have to walk back her ban on this means of policing.
On the other hand, the kids in the jeep live in a state with intermediate drivers license requirements.
One of these requirements is that, for the first 6 months after turning 16, the driver is not allowed to be driving after a certain hour, and, for the second 6 months, the prohibition is modified slightly: only if an adult of 25 or more years accompanies in the car.
The shootings happened at roughly 3am (well within the prohibited window) and no 25 year old has been mentioned as being in the car.
The latest news is that the jeep hit a barrier and Chaz security opened fire.
One might wonder what parents were thinking, letting their 14 and 16 year old children out like this?
It links up, to some extent, with the thread concerning the crisis in the black family.
Parents gotta parent. Kids shouldn’t be dying like this. We just lost another black kid in Seattle-and for what?
Eternal rest grant them, O Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May their souls
And the souls of all the faithful departed,
Through the mercy of God,
Rest in peace.
(2) For the first six months after the issuance of an intermediate license or until the holder reaches eighteen years of age, whichever occurs first, the holder of the license may not operate a motor vehicle that is carrying any passengers under the age of twenty who are not members of the holder’s immediate family as defined in RCW 42.17A.005. For the remaining period of the intermediate license, the holder may not operate a motor vehicle that is carrying more than three passengers who are under the age of twenty who are not members of the holder’s immediate family.

(3) The holder of an intermediate license may not operate a motor vehicle between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. except when the holder is accompanied by a parent, guardian, or a licensed driver who is at least twenty-five years of age.

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