Fifty-three blindfolded bodies found in Iraq as political leaders bicker

I am starting a separate thread for this because Shia vs Sunni abductions and killings isn’t directly related to ISIS.

“Fifty-three unidentified corpses were found, all of them blindfolded and handcuffed,” Sadeq Madloul, governor of the mainly Shi’ite southern province of Babil, told reporters.

The identity and sectarian affiliation of the dead people was not immediately clear, he said.

Sunni militants have been carrying out attacks around the southern rim of Baghdad since spring. In response, Shi’ite militias have been active in rural districts of Baghdad, abducting Sunnis they suspect of terrorism, many of whom later turn up dead.

Mass killings of scores of victims have become a regular occurrence in Iraq for the first time since the worst days of sectarian and ethnic cleansing in 2006-2007.

Government forces have participated in this bloodshed, occasionally slaughtering prisoners by the dozens. It is hard to know who is on the side of good.

Jesus must be weeping seeing all this killing.

Praying for the repose of these victim’s souls & for their families.

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