Fifty Years of the Catholic Charismatic Movement: 1967-2017


Here’s a really great short documentary on the history of the Catholic Charismatic moment in the Catholic Church.

I pray all Catholics world wide experience this wonderful outpouring and Baptism of Christ Holy Spirit that literally fills your whole body

This is very real, and you can experience it today from your own home. Just ask Christ to fill you, and you’ll receive the fullness of His Holy Spirit.

Watch “Fifty Years of the Catholic Charismatic Movement: 1967-2017” on YouTube

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Any pentecostals or charismatics here?

Explain more fully what you mean by this? I mean that we have to be careful this isn’t made to sound like an Infomercial for Christ, Heaven forbid.
For instance, no one is guaranteed a life free of spiritual dryness. Some of the mystics and the most on-fire saints endured extended periods of very distressing dryness. No one can be guaranteed “the fullness of the His Holy Spirit” in the sense of being guaranteed spiritual consolations, either immediately or indefinitely.


The Popes, Vatican, Vatican II, and the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission, have approved the Catholic Charismatic Renewal:

See the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission into the Catholic Charismatic Renewal:


Here is a Vatican video exerpt from the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission into the Vatican approved Catholic Charismatic Renewal, explaining the Popes/ Vatican approval of the catholic charismatic renewal; and the history of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal


A poster asked here, consolations are not promised indefinitely,
Indeed the Bible and saints say this.

The Vatican approved Catholic Charismatic Renewal is about living one’s Baptism and Confirmation with the Holy Spirit’s help through the ups and downs life, with His fruits, gifts and charisms, (which scripture says: ‘The Spirit gives to each accordingly, for the building up of the Church.’)

Indeed we all must, ‘Pick up our cross,’ as Jesus says.


I recommend watching the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission video above, and the reading the Vatican’s Docrinal Commission weblink statements regarding the Vatican approved Catholic Charismatic Renewal. :slight_smile:


It is guaranteed for us to receive this special outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:8 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)
8 But you will receive power when the holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 2:17 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)
17 ‘It will come to pass in the last days,’ God says,
** ‘that I will pour out a portion of my spirit**
** upon all flesh.**
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
** your young men shall see visions,**
** your old men shall dream dreams.**

Thanks YoungCatholicGuy. You really know the history of this movement really good within the CC. :smile:


Would love to have seen this thread posted in the Traditional section just to watch the fireworks :rofl:


As the Vatican Doctrinal Commission/ Popes/ Vatican, have said: the Holy Spirit is biblical, the Church recognises Pentecost as the birthday of the Church, it is all in scripture;
‘I will send you My Holy Spirit. He will teach you everything.’

The Holy Spirit was given to us in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation,

Living out a close relationship with the Holy Spirit is biblical, and sacramental. :slight_smile:
The saints all recommended the prayer: ‘Come oh Holy Spirit.’


What always - always - ensues is contempt, doubt, criticism - based on misunderstanding.

This is so sad, as the Church is only reclaiming what was hers from the beginning.


Well, in my book, the Church has said the Charismatic Movement has the “thumbs up” and I defer to Rome in such matters :slight_smile: I just know the Rad Trads absolutely hate the Charismatic Movement, which can make for some entertaining threads :laughing:


I mean that the exact manifestation in any particular person is not something to be guaranteed like a consumer product, that is all. It is not that young men shall not see visions, but only the caution that this is not a promise of specific “results” for any particular person.

Opening ourselves to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is always done in imitation of Our Lady, a matter of “I am your handmaid, do with me as you will” for the sake of the will of God, rather than a “do this, get that.”

That is all I meant: that is, to clarify that the goal of the charismatic movement is to be put at the disposal of the Holy Spirit, not the other way around. It is very easy for that to be misunderstood.


Indeed. One of the greatest saints of recent memory, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, endured agonising spiritual dryness for the final forty-nine years of her life, having lost her confidence in God’s existence. We know this due to the posthumous publication of her diaries. And yet she persevered, living her life as she thought Christ would have wanted, even though she was no longer certain of His existence.


Saint Paul does say:
‘Desire the greater gifts. I wish you all spoke in tongues. But pray that you may interpret. Pray that you may prophesy for the one who prophesies edifies the church, while the one with tongues edifies himself.’

if you click on the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission into the Catholic Charismatic Renewal;

The Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission states:
We may follow scriptures advice to: ‘Seek the higher gifts,’’ for Jesus said; ‘How much more will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask.’ And Jesus promised: ‘Believers will do the same works as Me and greater, because I will send them the Holy Spirit. These are the signs that shall accompany believers: they shall speak in tongues, cast out demons, heal the sick.’

Scripture does say as PetraG mentioned, that we may ask God for the Holy Spirit (but it is God’s decision what gifts He gives us ):
‘are all healers? Are all prophets? Do all work miracles? To each has been given a certain measure for the building up of the Church.’

But as the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission advises:
Yes we can as Saint Paul advised in scripture: ‘seek the higher gifts,’ and leave ourselves to the Holy Spirit’s disposal, according to what gifts God bestows upon us according to our mission in life. :slight_smile:


I think it is fear as much as misunderstanding. People are afraid of things that are not under their control. Yielding to the Gifts means allowing the HS to be in control. It can be spontaneous, unexpected, and awesome.


Exactly. The story of Simon Magnus in Acts (Acts 8:18-24) demonstrates how people were tempted even from the beginning of the Church to want not to be the instruments of the Holy Spirit but instead wrongly desired to have the Holy Spirit be their instrument or to be at their disposal. That is never the way it works. When this was explained to him, Simon understood and immediately repented of his wrong-headed desire, but this is nevertheless a deception that the evil one still tries to pull.


Exactly. Which is why the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission into the Vatican Approved Catholic Charismatic Renewal states:
We can ask for the higher gifts of the Holy Spirit (which Saint Paul tells us to do in scripture), if our hearts are in the right place. For Saint Paul then adds: ‘The greatest gift is love. For all the greatest gifts of tongues/ prophesy, without love, are but sounds.’
And Jesus Himself says that without love, the higher gifts are nothing; ‘For in the end will also come those who say: Lord did we not cast out demons in Your Name; heal the sick in your Name, and preach in Your Name?’ But the Lord will say; I tell you solemnly; I never knew you, when I was hungry you gave Me nothing to eat, when I was thirsty you gave Me nothing to drink, when I was naked you did not clothe Me, and when I was in prison you did not visit Me, whatever you did to the least of your brethren, you also did to Me.’
The apostles were approached by Simon the Magician who came to them with a bag of money, asking could he buy the Baptism in the Spirit, and Peter replied to him: ‘Get behind me satan, that you think you could buy the Holy Spirit. I perceive that there is a demon of pride in you, and if you do not repent and amend your ways, you will be lost.’ (Simon did not have love of God, or of his neighbour, he wanted the Holy Spirit’s gifts to be admired by others for the miracles he would do).

So Saint Paul and Jesus clearly tell us, love is the most important thing, and if we have love in the right place (love of God and love of neighbour), then we can follow Saint Paul’s advice: ‘to seek the higher gifts.’ (as the Vatican Doctrinal Commission recommends).

See this document for the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on praying for the higher gifts of the Holy Spirit


Right you are. I guess that various manifestations of doubt occur based on fear of the unknown. Over the years at CAF, I have seen (almost) open hatred of the charismatic movement! One would hope that Catholics, of all Christians, would have some faith and trust in their Church. Having human failings, they tend to condemn the best by observing the worst.

I cannot recall a single doubter ever willingly investigating - their minds seem to be made up in contra. That, is very sad.


@YoungCatholicGuy This is a very well researched history.

I think, as you say, this stems from the misunderstanding that the origins are somehow Protestant.


What I was referring to (unclear in my post) was that those who are openly critical or doubt-filled rarely if ever contact a charismatic priest or look into the movement on their own.

Far easier to badmouth it out of fear - as you rightly suggest.

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