Fight with my husband


Long story short, I really messed up. I dont want to get into too many details here, but it involves me thinking I had a great idea, I thought I could pull it off and I am having disaster after disaster along the way. Now, that being said I will be done tomorrow-God willing finishing this project up but, I feel like I really disrespected my husband by not even consulting him, then when he did tell me to just let the landscapers that sold me the trees to plant the trees, I told him no- I could do it, and then I broke a new pair of New Balance gym shoes from shoveling to dig up the holes for the trees since I was too stupid to use my combat boots, and to make matters worse I rented (kinda borrowed for cheap) an auger thinking I could figure it out- and could not, and right now he is not yelling or mad at me but really quiet and letting me stew. He was mad this morning when he helped me with one of the holes, and now that one is done, but, I still have another one to do and I know I am not making any sense here at all but I promised to make him his favorite meal tonight but I was not up to it and so I ordered it out from a local place he likes, and I still feel even worse than I did before now. The funny thing is his brother came by today to drop off some stuff I left at their house last week and he offered to just do it for me, and I said no. I did this I should finish. He laughed and said he would come by tomorrow and do it if I changed my mind. I know that would only get my husband even more mad so I cant let him do it. I think I can do this but, even with my combat boots today I am getting a weak spot on the sole and I think it will split tomorrow if I dig. That will be 2 pairs of shoes and he will really get mad then. I know this is sooo trivial compared to the stuff I read here but I love my husband and he is under stress already and I dont like being the cause of any more. He is so tired and sleeping now.
The other idea I had is that landscaper may be in the area, and if I see him I may just pay him to do the last one. It may be the best way. Or, I take my chances and if the boots split, so what. Just dont mention it.
I feel like a slug. Had I only called him before buying the trees. But they were a bargain.:blush:


aw, hell…what is it with today? everyone having a stressin’ kind of day.:hug1:

I think that I would apologize to your husband…say that you meant well…it sounds like this is just a misunderstanding…a spat at best. My husband and I have these sometimes. We had one the other day…at Quizno’s…he wanted to split a sub, and I ordered wheat bread…and he hates wheat bread…I was like…why are we splitting this then? It was your idea! Honestly…is this stupid or what? I think that it’s best to apologize, and let your husband finish it…or whatever he thinks it best. This too shall pass, as my motherinlaw says.

You and your husband are in my prayers…don’t go to bed angry, though…that’s another oldie but goodie she taught me.


Feeling better already whatevergirl. But, he is sleeping so I will have to apologize tomorrow morning.

Thank you for the advice!:slight_smile:


Apologizing …of course when one is wrong…is always the best route to take. It’s the holy route to take. It’s the Jesus route to take. He loves you and of course, will accept your apology…Men are task oriented. My husband wasn’t too fond of me during our move, let’s say. lol He apologized for his lack of charity, as he was a bit snippy…and I apologized for not staying on task…so, together this will get resolved. I just think at this point, you feel badly for ‘not listening.’ (and thus not respecting his wishes)Totally understandable. Hey…waaaait a minute…you sound like my daughter.:hmmm:

Go to your room. Time for bed…No tv for you, young lady.:smiley:

Ok…just a joke…I’m gonna head out…but know that this too shall pass.…and it’s not personal to you…it’s just something he wanted to take care of…


They make adorable greeting cards for instances just like this! “I’m sorry. I was beastly.” “You were right. I was wrong.” But they do it in fun ways. Buy one and put it at his place at dinner tomorrow night. He may frame it! :smiley:



As long as he does not hide the chocolate! :wink:


hahaha…imagine if we punished our spouses when we disagreed like we punish our kids???:hmmm: I’d be in my room a lot.:rotfl:

glad you are laughing now…that’s the idea! goodnight friend…:hug1:


Goodnight friend!:hug1: Back at you.


I agree with the others who mentioned apologizing. Just let your DH know if you had known then what you know now you would have done things differently.

I’m not sure what to tell you about finishing the project, though. Maybe sleep on it and decide tomorrow?


long story, and one every wife who has been married for a while can sympathize with. reminds me of the incident in Little Women when Meg gets envious of her wealthier friends and buys satin for a new dress “because it was a bargain” and she did not want her friend to think she could not afford it. She found out it wouldn’t launder, the color was not becoming, and the dressmaking would cost more than the fabric. The scene where her husband finally confronts her about her spending is priceless. some things never change, and one of them is that for some reason we wives cannot resist a bargain. Whenever my husband notices I have bought something he doesn’t say anything except “I suppose it was on sale?”

You could try the old tears and poor little me trick, honey, I’m so sorry, I should have discussed the landscaping with you first, but the trees were a bargain. I had no idea how hard this would be. Please help me, I’m in way over my head and I don’t see how I can handle this without your help. Lay it on thick, he will probably know what you are doing but will get a big kick out of it.

omigosh I’m having flashbacks, just remembered the “I think I will wallpaper the kitchen while hubby is at work today” incident. that wallpaper was “such a bargain”. Self-stick so I thought it would be easy. It was blue and white check and I thought that would make it easier to hang than a pattern. Well, it might, but our old house had no square walls, everything was off true, oh those wavery checks still make me seasick. He came home after school, there are strips of wet wallpaper everywhere, no supper kids are out in the yard doing heaven knows what, I did not know you were supposed to prepare the walls first and the dang stuff would not stick. he sure enjoyed teasing me about that for years.


Being a husband, I would like to suggest a few things…nah nevermind it is late and that humor just will not work right now. :blush:

You will be fine, you are sweet, you will find a way and your hubby will love you no matter what…I was just trying to mess with you, but I am too tired for that.


Honestly I wouldn’t stew about it or stress, you made a mistake it happens. You’ve learned your lesson and won’t repeat it, at that point being angry is just petty. It’s hardly uncommon for people to take on home improvement projects thinking its a DIY job only to find out it was more complicated then they originally thought.


:cool: I like it!

but- not the framing part! LOL, that brings up another memory!:rolleyes: :frowning:

Dont want to relive that one. But, the card- you bet.:slight_smile:


I guess so. I just feel so inept lately being a stay at home mom and getting older. I used to do things and they worked out, maybe its a mental thing.:shrug:


Good idea. I am racing and not thinking. I guess it can wait till I see how things go tommorow!:slight_smile:



You cant make me feel bad, you just cheered me up!:stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping he would wake up but looks like he is out for the night.
I will have to ask you later for the suggestions later though!:wink:


Oh there are ways to wake him…nevermind…:blush:

(at this hour of the night, something has to make you smile right?)


:whistle: I was just going to try.


Mamacita is going to come here and do this for you agian:


But, I am too!:wink:


How weird is this??.. almost the SAME thing happened to me today. I went through two pairs of shoes trying to plant some trees in our yard. What a coincidence!

My wife later told me that it wouldn’t have been quite so hard if I would have planted the trees with the roots DOWN. Sure wish she would have told me that earlier.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Right you are, seems like you know my wife :hmmm:



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